How Twin Flames Heal Each Other

Even twin flames in Union each have their own journey to experience in 3D and must remember to practice self-reliance, confidence, and trust in their shared Higher Self to guide them in their respective bodies. It’s a healing thing!

Fourth #HCM UPdate

Fourth HCM update from Michelle

Michelle delivers a morning-of-surgery update after Justin heads into the operating theater.

Third #HCM Update

Third HCM update cover

The day before #HCM surgery, Justin & Michelle share scenes from their day at a series of pre-surgery appointments.

Second #HCM Update

Second HCM update blog post cover

Two days before her twin flame’s #HCM surgery, Michelle checks in with her thoughts and a download from the pre-pre-op appointment.

First #HCM Update

First HCM Update

Three days before #HCM surgery, ride along with Justin as he gets his covid test and shares his pre-surgery outlook.

The Tale of Justin’s Too-Big Heart

We started a GoFundMe Campaign to help us afford the costs of Justin’s upcoming open-heart surgery to fix a genetic heart defect.

We welcome your support.

Portrait of a Twin Flame, Episode 02 – Ronelle

Cover for Portrait of a Twin Flame episode 2 - Ronelle.

Before embarking on the twin flame journey, Ronelle was a devout Christian with a long history of ministry in her church, alongside her beloved husband and business partner. When her husband passed away, Ronelle’s awakening began.

A Story of Twin Flame Surrender

How do I let go of my obsessive attachment to my twin flame?

When twin flames reunite and ignition happens via the soul bond, each twin becomes the focal point of the other’s existence. The resulting obsession is a feature of many, perhaps most, twin flame journeys. So how do twin flames overcome the undeniable obsession, and turn it instead into a clarion call for Union with their twin flame?

Full Moon, Eclipse, Mercury R, oh my!

Michelle & Justin at the trail's end in Banks, after 20.5 miles of riding. Divine masculine energy in full tilt!

The divine feminine has collectively been crying out for the divine masculine to awaken, to reach for their twin, to heal, and ascend to their rightful place by each other’s side! A new wave’s beginning.

Psst…we’re making an audiobook!

Michelle in headphones

We’ve served up a book for readers, now it’s listeners’ turn! Our author-narrated audiobook, Souls of Fire (Part I), drops later this month!

Twin Flames and Past Lives

Puzzle piece of my soul, have we lived past lives together?

Many people believe in reincarnation or past lives. Justin & I believe it’s of great importance to borrow the grounding we achieved in past lives as we move forward in our twin flame journey today.

The Twin Flame Talk

Justin & Michelle on a desert road trip.

Do I tell my twin flame we’re twin flames, or not!? Our twin flame talk catalyzed our path to union from where we’d been stuck, in endless runner-chaser mode.

Why Did My Twin Flame and I Cheat?

I didn’t know anything about myself anymore, because I’d lived a life built on decades of lies. I see how lost I was reflected in my face in that picture. When it was taken, it was still two years before I ever looked up the term ‘twin flame’.