Portrait of a Twin Flame – Joanna

Twin flames, reflected as candles in a mirror. I AM them, they are me, we are one.

Joanna fast became best friends with her twin flame when she was 15 years old. Through decades of reunions and separations, their bond has remained unshakeable. Hear how Joanna overcame addiction, abuse, and awakened — then how she detached from unhealthy twin flame obsession and made peace with her journey.

Portrait of a Twin Flame, Episode 02 – Ronelle

Cover for Portrait of a Twin Flame episode 2 - Ronelle.

Before embarking on the twin flame journey, Ronelle was a devout Christian with a long history of ministry in her church, alongside her beloved husband and business partner. When her husband passed away, Ronelle’s awakening began.

Psst…we’re making an audiobook!

Michelle in headphones

We’ve served up a book for readers, now it’s listeners’ turn! Our author-narrated audiobook, Souls of Fire (Part I), drops later this month!

Talk Show #4: What is a Soulmate?

What is a Soulmate? Justin and Michelle answer your questions!


✅ Learn how to recognize your soulmates
✅ Find out why you brought soulmates on your journey
✅ Get personal examples from masculine & feminine viewpoints
✅ Hear how soulmate & twin flame relationships feel different yet are easy to confuse

Why Did My Twin Flame and I Cheat?

I didn’t know anything about myself anymore, because I’d lived a life built on decades of lies. I see how lost I was reflected in my face in that picture. When it was taken, it was still two years before I ever looked up the term ‘twin flame’.