Self-Love and Twin Flame Surrender

How do I embody self-love?

Once a twin flame embraces unconditional self-love, reclaiming their power and moving toward surrender (and Union!) can accelerate. How does it work?

A Story of Twin Flame Surrender

How do I let go of my obsessive attachment to my twin flame?

When twin flames reunite and ignition happens via the soul bond, each twin becomes the focal point of the other’s existence. The resulting obsession is a feature of many, perhaps most, twin flame journeys. So how do twin flames overcome the undeniable obsession, and turn it instead into a clarion call for Union with their twin flame?

Did you shield today?

Michelle & Justin in a bubble.

Before I rose from bed, I paused to shield myself. As an empath, I take self-protection very seriously. You are welcome to join me in a similar ritual.

Hiatus Done, Welcome 2021!

A new year equals new opportunities! In spite of these uncertain times, we know the sun will rise tomorrow, and with a new day, all things are possible.