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What are our hopes and dreams? What problem are we solving for the greater good? Who and what are we inspiring to change?


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Michelle White, author & healer, at the Oregon Coast

Michelle White

Author, Healer

Michelle was prophesied by her first-grade teacher to be an Author. Already a logophile and voracious consumer of the written word, Michelle cherished the idea. During her early years, she penned award-winning poetry and short stories, striving to give voice to the story she knew she held in her Soul. Michelle’s writing took a decades-long hiatus while she pursued a career in the corporate finance world. Now, she knows why her intuition whispered to hold off on writing. The Twin Flame story is the story she was waiting to tell the world.

Justin Wise, Author & Healer

Justin White

Author, Healer

Justin followed an early path very different from that of his Twin Flame. Born into an evangelistic Christian sectarian family, he left his parents’ home at age 18 to begin a 30-year career serving others in retail management. After gaining exposure to the world beyond the cult of his youth, Justin declared himself Apostate and was cast out by the community that raised him. Always a Searcher, he pursued religious understanding and clarity, never knowing that what he truly sought was his Twin Flame instead of a man-made religion. Today, in Union with his Twin, he’s ready to tell his story to the world.


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