Are you ready to
take back your power? surrender? connect with your guides? stop running? discover your mission? let go? work with your Spirit Team? stop chasing? hone your unique skills? ease your pain? release trauma? fall in love with YOU? drop old ego masks? love unconditionally? heal old hurts? uncover the magic inside? listen to your intuition? reconnect with Spirit? begin your journey? awaken?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we're here to offer our support.

Our Services:

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Experience the deep magic of our ancient Nord/Celt healing modality
In-person sessions ONLY at this time
Visit us near Portland, Oregon, or ask if we'll be in your area soon

What is Bettering and why should I use it?

Bettering is a combination of energy healing, hands-on exploration similar to massage therapy, and energetic records-reading (e.g., Akashic records and memories of other lifetimes). It facilitates healing from traumas suffered not only in this lifetime but other lives, timelines, and journeys. This unique healing experience is available only from the Twin Flame Warriors.


Receive light energy healing for all types of pain
Remote and in-person sessions available
Post-session Q&A add-on available for targeted feedback

What is Reiki and why should I use it?

An ancient Japanese healing technique, Reiki promotes feelings of wellness, balance, and peace in the recipient. The Reiki practitioner, who is trained in and attuned to the light-energy of Reiki, uses hands to guide gentle love to places of hurt and need in your body, mind, and soul. Good for pain management and trauma recovery, chakra balancing, or plain old stress relief!


Got questions you're yearning to dig into?
Add-on Q&A follow-up session available for in-depth analysis

How do Twin Flame Warriors' card readings work?

Visit our trusted library of 40+ tarot and oracle card decks. Select the deck that speaks to you, then email us to discuss the type and length of reading you prefer. Receive a private YouTube video link to your personal reading in your inbox within 48 hours of your booking!
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Do you have extremely realistic or recurring dreams?
Do you receive visions, either awake or asleep?
Wondering what it all means?
We're here to help you put the pieces together

Why do my dreams and visions matter?

Dreams and visions are special messages. They may arrive at unexpected times, in unrelated situations. They're stories or pieces of information that are crucial to your journey, sent from your higher self, your spirit team, or other unseen benevolent figures. The content of dreams or visions is not always readily understandable or easily deciphered. We're here to help analyze and decode whatever messages you've been shown.


Are you in a twin flame pair?
Whether you're new to the journey or at the end of your rope,
we can help smooth your path.

Let the Twin Flame Warriors help.

Experience the relief of connecting with someone nonjudgmental, who's "been there, done that." We've been on our journey for 8 years, struggling through doubt and uncertainty, separation and running/chasing, digging deep and healing. At the 3-year mark, we chose ourselves and our mission and came to Union. Now, with 5 years of Union in our pockets and a wealth of energetic and spiritual tools to assist, we're here to fulfill our mission by helping other twin flame pairs resolve their differences and move forward on their own journey.


Invite our intuition to work for you on your path
Get help reconnecting with a lost loved-one
Redirect entities with unhealthy attachments

How can channeling, mediumship, or intuitive assistance benefit me?

Sometimes, all it takes is an assist from one other person's senses and intuition to reveal what's hidden from us. Let us guide you as you decipher your path and unique challenges. We plumb our own experience and appeal to our Spirit Team for full 3D-5D coverage. We are also pros at reconnecting souls divided from each other in death, and are skilled at guiding recently-passed souls to what's next.


Do you have visions of other times and places?
Perhaps even memories of inhabiting a different body?
Learn more with a PLR or Akashic Journey
Add-on Q&A follow-up session available for deeper insights

When should I undertake a PLR or Akashic Journey?

Perhaps you've experienced severe or repeated trauma in this lifetime, or have memories of trauma in other times and places that are unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you suffer unexplained illness, or form relationships that unfold according to rules that just don't make sense in this life. Perhaps you're plain curious about your soul's journey through the cosmos!

In any of these cases, allow us to guide you through a session (either PLR or Akashic records retrieval) to discover the hidden causes and meanings of the notable features of your current journey. Deep, lasting healing is available to those who seek and accept the truths contained in their soul.

Begin your odyssey by scheduling a FREE consultation.


Struggling with your spiritual awakening?
Seeking a non-judgmental guide to help you find your way?
Need a trusted teacher to help you hone your metaphysical skills?

Let the Twin Flame Warriors help.

Our deep well of personal experience with awakening and healing from diverse traumas like self-loathing, dysfunctional relationships, lies, sexual abuse, infidelity, addiction, narcissistic tendencies, overspending, family rupture, religious disappointment, and more uniquely qualifies us to witness your testimony and help you pick your path forward. No challenge is too big, too scary, or too tenacious.


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