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How do I let go of my obsessive attachment to my twin flame?

A Story of Twin Flame Surrender

When twin flames reunite and ignition happens via the soul bond, each twin becomes the focal point of the other’s existence. The resulting obsession is a feature of many, perhaps most, twin flame journeys. So how do twin flames overcome the undeniable obsession, and turn it instead into a clarion call for Union with their twin flame?

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Puzzle piece of my soul, have we lived past lives together?

Twin Flames and Past Lives

Many people believe in reincarnation or past lives. Justin & I believe it’s of great importance to borrow the grounding we achieved in past lives as we move forward in our twin flame journey today.

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Justin & Michelle on a desert road trip.

The Twin Flame Talk

Do I tell my twin flame we’re twin flames, or not!? Our twin flame talk catalyzed our path to union from where we’d been stuck, in endless runner-chaser mode.

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Michelle & Justin in a bubble.

Did you shield today?

Before I rose from bed, I paused to shield myself. As an empath, I take self-protection very seriously. You are welcome to join me in a similar ritual.

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