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Puzzle piece of my soul, have we lived past lives together?

Twin Flames and Past Lives

Many people believe in reincarnation or past lives. Justin & I believe it’s of great importance to borrow the grounding we achieved in past lives as we move forward in our twin flame journey today.

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Justin & Michelle on a desert road trip.

The Twin Flame Talk

Do I tell my twin flame we’re twin flames, or not!? Our twin flame talk catalyzed our path to union from where we’d been stuck, in endless runner-chaser mode.

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Michelle & Justin in a bubble.

Did you shield today?

Before I rose from bed, I paused to shield myself. As an empath, I take self-protection very seriously. You are welcome to join me in a similar ritual.

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What is a Twin Flame Soul Union?

When we met, neither of us knew what a spiritual awakening was. Neither of us knew the term twin flame. We tried to stem the tide of hurt; everything from porn to affairs outside our marriages to prescription drug dependence to alcohol and food abuse. They didn’t work.

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What is a Soulmate? Justin and Michelle answer your questions!

Talk Show #4: What is a Soulmate?


✅ Learn how to recognize your soulmates
✅ Find out why you brought soulmates on your journey
✅ Get personal examples from masculine & feminine viewpoints
✅ Hear how soulmate & twin flame relationships feel different yet are easy to confuse

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What is a Twin Flame Soul Mission?

We told each other the truth, first. We admitted to all the lies we had told each other in a relationship based on lies. We began to share raw truth about ourselves. We told our biggest, dirtiest secrets to each other. And through it all…we kept coming back to each other and falling more in love.

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Talk Show #3: What is a Twin Flame Soul Song?


✅ Familiarize with the Twin Flame Warriors’ vocabulary about souls
✅ Learn what your soul song is for
✅ Find out how twin flame soul songs differ from non-twin flame soul songs
✅ Get practical advice for using your soul song on your spiritual awakening journey and in your relationships
✅ FINALLY receive an answer to the question: what is a false twin flame?

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Why Did My Twin Flame and I Cheat?

I didn’t know anything about myself anymore, because I’d lived a life built on decades of lies. I see how lost I was reflected in my face in that picture. When it was taken, it was still two years before I ever looked up the term ‘twin flame’.

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Talk Show #2: What is a Twin Flame?


✅ Hear the generally-accepted definition
✅ Learn about why twin flames choose their journey
✅ Get practical advice for your spiritual awakening
✅ Find out more about the twin flame mission, how it involves twin flames everywhere, and what it means for you!

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