Angel Number 222 for Part 2 Launch

Preorder book cover for Souls on Fire Part 2

To launch the 2nd novella in our series, we wished to claim the beautiful magic of a 222 date. This particular angel number is special for us!

Did you shield today?

Michelle & Justin in a bubble.

Before I rose from bed, I paused to shield myself. As an empath, I take self-protection very seriously. You are welcome to join me in a similar ritual.

What is a Twin Flame Soul Union?

When we met, neither of us knew what a spiritual awakening was. Neither of us knew the term twin flame. We tried to stem the tide of hurt; everything from porn to affairs outside our marriages to prescription drug dependence to alcohol and food abuse. They didn’t work.

What is a Twin Flame Soul Mission?

We told each other the truth, first. We admitted to all the lies we had told each other in a relationship based on lies. We began to share raw truth about ourselves. We told our biggest, dirtiest secrets to each other. And through it all…we kept coming back to each other and falling more in love.

Why Did My Twin Flame and I Cheat?

I didn’t know anything about myself anymore, because I’d lived a life built on decades of lies. I see how lost I was reflected in my face in that picture. When it was taken, it was still two years before I ever looked up the term ‘twin flame’.

Luna 🌙 & Venus this morning

Owls are magical creatures under any circumstances, but when I encounter one it feels like a mystical visit from one of my oldest friends.

Equinox Thoughts

Today is the autumnal equinox. It’s a day balanced on a razor’s edge, tipping from summer expansion to fall bounty.