Twin Flames in Union Interviewed by Pradnya Pandit

Join one of Quora’s top-rated contributors on the topic of twin flames, Pradnya Pandit, for this special twin flame interview! Michelle & Justin, twin flames in Union, feature in the sixth installment of the Empower Hour video series, which presents truthful talks with spiritual seekers from all backgrounds and experiences. We welcomed Pradyna to our Portrait of a Twin Flame podcast in 2021, shortly after her twin flame passed away. Pradnya and her twin, Prasad, are in 5D Union today.

Michelle & Justin White are the Twin Flame Warriors. As twin flames in 3D and 5D Union, they share the story of awakening to their true path through their novella series, podcast, and YouTube channel. Their mission is to spread the light of spiritual awareness. Michelle & Justin act as a beacon for others who may be lost or alone on a similar journey.

In this intimate, powerful interview, we share our stories of awakening, how we coped with our soul’s unique challenges, how we dealt with our soulmates and marriages, what our journey to Union was like, and what sort of lessons we continue to learn while being in Union. We also revisit our past year’s journey of physical challenges as we worked through Justin’s HCM diagnosis, culminating in open-heart surgery on 4 February 2022.

Twin flames in Union, Justin and Michelle White, share all in a twin flame interview with Pradnya Prasad.

What does Union mean to us? What message do we wish to share with the collective twin flame and broader spiritual awakening communities? Watch our latest twin flame interview to find out!

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