Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 4

Welcome to the sixth installment in our podcast series, Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 4. Our series portrait subject joins us from Canada. She is married to a soulmate, fully awake, and ascending…all while in twin flame separation. Her journey began about two years ago.

In Part 3 of our interview last week, Suzanne shared how she received and interpreted messages from the universe during awakening. These messages guided her as her soul evolved, changing frequency due to the twin flame journey. She grew interested in self-healing.

This week in Part 4, Suzanne shares how she used the pain of DNOTS (dark night of the soul) and twin flame separation to fuel her self-work. She gives examples including steps she took to heal.

As her healing progressed, Suzanne realized how unhappy she had been, living a life mired in the matrix on autopilot. Despite a long, fruitful marriage to a soulmate who cared for her and supported her, she felt unfulfilled and unconnected. She wrote about all of this in her journal.

When he discovered her journal and read it, her soulmate husband did not take things well. He levied an accusation that many twin flames face upon sharing their story; that she’d joined a cult! Suzanne tells us where their marriage stands today, and what crossroads she faces.

…and, finally, Suzanne shares a happy turn of twin flame events!

Join the Twin Flame Warriors for the final chapter of Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 4 for the fascinating conclusion. Also, check out Suzanne’s blog for poems and prose about her journey.

Discussion includes:

🥰 How to practice self-love
❤️‍🩹 Steps for self-healing
💍 Marriage uncertainty after spouse learns about the journey
🙌 Soul purpose and mission
☄️ The Twin Flame Cult
🏳 Surrender/Acceptance
🦠 How the pandemic helped the collective spiritual awakening
🗣 Why it’s important to share our stories!

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Portrait of a Twin Flame Suzanne Part 4 twin flame cult
Suzanne and her twin flame share a special connection through the TV competition, The Masked Dancer.

EPISODE ART: Today’s episode cover art features a recognizable theme from Suzanne’s story. She and her twin flame have only ever been on one coffee date, which came about over a bet on the Masked Dancer competition. Listen for the details in the podcast! Got questions about the artwork? Email podcast@twinflamewarriors.com

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