Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 3

Welcome to the sixth installment in our podcast series, Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 3. Our series portrait subject joins us from Canada. She is married to a soulmate, and she’s awake in twin flame separation. Her journey began about two years ago.

Last week, Suzanne detailed her spiritual awakening and told us the story of her sole coffee date with her twin. This week in Part 3 Suzanne illuminates painful details of her continuing dark nights of the soul through several 3D separations and reunions with her twin. If this is potentially triggering material for you, please choose another podcast.

As the pain of 3D separation mounted, Suzanne began to change. She relates the messages she received from the universe during this time, and how mystical gifts she never knew she possessed began to work for her on her journey.

Finally, Suzanne shares how she began to understand that the twin flame journey is a learning and self-improvement exercise for her soul, and how she rose to that challenge.

Join the Twin Flame Warriors for Part 3 of 4 of this fascinating interview to learn more. Also, check out Suzanne’s blog for poems and prose about her journey.

Discussion includes:

💌 Messages, syncs, affirmations
📡 Ascending to a new vibration
🤺 Healthy boundary-setting
🚮 Cleaning up life messes, aka self-care
🫶 Soulmates/karmic partners
📝 Soul contracts
⏳ 3D (physical) vs. 5D (spiritual) vs. 4D (time)
🤲 Reiki

Look for Part 4, the final installment, next week when Suzanne talks about the intense self-healing journey she undertook and what happened when her husband found out about her twin flame connection.

Portrait of a Twin Flame Suzanne Part 3
Suzanne and her twin flame share a special connection through the TV competition, The Masked Dancer.

EPISODE ART: Today’s episode cover art features a recognizable theme from Suzanne’s story. She and her twin flame have only ever been on one coffee date, which came about over a bet on the Masked Dancer competition. Listen for the details in the podcast! Got questions about the artwork? Email podcast@twinflamewarriors.com

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