How Twin Flames Heal Each Other

Hope you’re having a thankful Thursday, as my dearly departed ex-mother-in-law would have said! I learned so freaking much from that woman…I am thankful for her every day. And though I wouldn’t call her a spiritual person, I know she would agree…this journey is your own. It is each individual soul’s responsibility to make the tough choices that define its journey. Taking personal responsibility for our own choices, and conversely handing choices over to our twins and letting go with trust that they’ll always make the best choice, is an example of how twin flames heal each other.

Today I asked Justin’s advice on the way home from late brunch (his shift started at 12:30 pm). It was a subject that he couldn’t possibly have an opinion on…but I felt compelled to bring it out and ask my twin what he would do? Or if he sensed any energy in the situation he thought I should be aware of?

After I finished speaking, I felt sheepish. Like, “Why did I ask that? It’s my decision to make…he knows that. I HEAR him thinking that. He’d never presume to tell me what to choose one way or another on anything. Let alone this!” For background’s sake, the question is whether I want to accept a personal friend request from someone I knew in my walking wounded days.

Justin didn’t answer. He sat with what I said and let me have space to chew on it. I kind of knew he wouldn’t answer before I asked…

An example of how Twin Flames in Union heal each other

When we got home, I gave him a healing session for an hour or so. Reiki, Bettering, sound bowls…it was much-needed by us both. Then inevitably he sank into 3D work energy, we said goodbye, and went to our workday separation.

After he left I did some administrative work and grabbed the mail…which contained new-to-me oracle decks! Exciting! I welcomed them, energetically cleansed them, and brought them into the home energy. 

One deck, in particular, spoke loudly from the second I opened the box. It’s called the Children of the Cosmos Oracle Cards by Melissa Boudreau. I palmed the deck for a while, letting it absorb my energy. I asked for whatever my Spirit Team wanted me to know…no specific question. I shuffled. A card flipped over. And I give you…an answer to the query I put to Justin! 👀 

I’m thankful every day for the healing my twin flame helps me do!

The Spirit Team speaks to me in so many ways. I listen to the niggling of intuition, I follow it, and I find my footing even in moments of doubt. I got the confirmation that I sought. The choice is mine and mine alone.

So what ego mask was I wearing that caused me to ask Justin such a question? I will be looking into that because as sure as the sheepish feeling crept up, that is a shadow emotion and I’d like to heal what’s underneath. 

Even in Union, even in the perfect bliss of understanding and simpatico and unconditional acceptance that we share…I still have my own way to walk. All I had to do, instead of asking him an unanswerable question, was to make my choice in perfect reliance on the fact that we always believe in each other’s decisions and support them. I am him, he is me, we are one. Any decision I make is always the same decision he would make from our shared Higher Self.

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