Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 1

Welcome to the sixth installment in our podcast series, Portrait of a Twin Flame – Suzanne Part 1. Today’s portrait subject joins us from Canada. Her journey began about two years ago. The first time she saw her twin flame, she just knew there was something important about this stranger. She’d never felt a feeling quite like this before about anyone; her curiosity ignited.

Since then, Suzanne and this man have experienced all the classic earmarks of the twin flame journey. From obsession to running-and-chasing, to several separations and reunions, Suzanne presents a remarkably clear picture of their mostly-platonic path from her side of the connection.

Join the Twin Flame Warriors for Part 1 of 4 of this fascinating interview to learn more. Also, check out Suzanne’s blog for poems and prose about her journey.

Discussion includes:

🔥 Twin flame ignition
🏃‍♂️ Running and chasing
😍 Obsession phase
😢 Separation
💤 Dreams, visions, and premonitions
❌ Boundary setting
😤 DNOTS triggers

Look for Portrait of a Twin Flame – Part 2 next week, when Suzanne shares details about her awakening, including kundalini and chakra symptoms! She also tells the story of that one coffee date she won on a bet with her twin…

Portrait of a Twin Flame - Suzanne Part 1
Suzanne and her twin flame share a special connection through the TV competition, The Masked Dancer.

EPISODE ART: Today’s episode cover art features a recognizable theme from Suzanne’s story. She and her twin flame have only ever been on one coffee date, which came about over a bet on the Masked Dancer competition. Listen for the details in the podcast! Got questions about the artwork? Email podcast@twinflamewarriors.com

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