Meet Ferguson the Earthworm, Star of ‘Something More…’

We’re pleased to announce the release of our publishing company’s first children’s book, Something More… Follow Ferguson the earthworm’s magical journey as he discovers a truth that is something more than he could ever have dreamed of!

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Sometimes it takes a journey to discover the treasure that has been ours all along. That is exactly what happened to Ferguson, the little earthworm, who left his home in search of something more…and found more than he could have ever imagined inside his very own shining heart.

A gentle tale about the possibilities and treasures we find when we seek outside ourselves and find ourselves in everything! 💜

Something More…a children’s story about self-realization

When Ferguson finds himself cramped in his small home, he emerges into a wide world of wonder where he meets new friends and sets off on an adventure that changes his point of view forever.

In author Jill Linda’s inaugural children’s book, discover a charming story of awakening, growth, and self-realization that the child in all of us can relate to.

Author Biography – Jill Linda

Originally from New York, Jill now resides in the Pacific Northwest, where she promotes Universal Awareness and healthy living through organic gardening, yoga, and daily meditation practice. Through her books, she hopes to set little feet upon a light-filled path of joy and self-discovery.

Illustrator Biography – Michelle White

Michelle is an author, publisher, and spiritual guidance counselor. She and her twin flame, Justin, live in the Pacific Northwest where their healing practice is based. They enjoy hiking, biking, and combing the Oregon Coast for agates together. 

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