Fourth #HCM UPdate

Thanks for joining us for our fourth HCM update from this surprising path we are on to fix Justin’s hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart defect! We plan to update every couple of days throughout this process so that anyone else experiencing the scary diagnosis of #HCM doesn’t feel so alone. Reach out to us anytime to share your story!

Justin is in the surgery now. We know our spirit team is present and bringing all the energy they can to help the surgeons and support staff fix Justin’s too-big heart! 🙏

We should be hearing from the surgeon between noon and 2 pm Pacific time, depending on whether she deems it necessary to repair his mitral valve while his chest is open. If she does repair the valve, that will add about an hour to the procedure.

Fourth HCM Update
Justin heading in for #hcm surgery.

Justin will be kept asleep in the ICU for a couple of hours post-surgery. I’ll update as I learn more about his condition and when I can visit!

Michelle delivers a morning-of-surgery update after Justin heads into the operating theater.
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Thank you again 🙏 to our contributors and thank you to everyone who’s praying and sending good vibes! We feel you and appreciate you.

❤️ Michelle

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