Second #HCM Update

Thanks for joining us for our second HCM update from this surprising path we are on to fix Justin’s hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart defect! We plan to update every couple of days throughout this process so that anyone else experiencing the scary diagnosis of #HCM doesn’t feel so alone. Reach out to us anytime to share your story!

Good news that came in since I recorded this second HCM update – Justin’s covid text was negative! 🎉 That hurdle is cleared.

In today’s update, I finally got the chance to document my reactions to the very extensively informative pre-PRE-op appointment yesterday via Zoom. Tomorrow, we will spend half the day at in-person pre-op appointments at the Heart Institute and hospital. We’ll be back with that update, too! We want to share everything we’re going through so that anyone else in the future who receives an unexpected #HCM diagnosis knows what to expect and doesn’t feel so alone.

Holding hands with my twin flame HCM patient
Holding hands with my twin flame as much as I can before #HCM surgery!

In the meantime…here’s my first update video!

Two days before her twin flame’s septal myectcomy, Michelle checks in with her thoughts and a download from the pre-PRE-op appointment in this second HCM update.
Prefer to listen without video? Hear our second HCM update on Spotify (or anywhere you get your podcasts).

Thank you 🙏 again to our contributors and thank you to everyone who’s praying and sending good vibes! We feel you and appreciate you.

❤️ Michelle

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