First #HCM Update

Thanks for joining us for our first HCM update from this surprising path we are on to fix Justin’s hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart defect! We plan to update every couple of days throughout this process so that anyone else experiencing the scary diagnosis of #HCM doesn’t feel so alone. Reach out to us anytime to share your story!

Justin got his Covid test yesterday (1 Feb). Fingers crossed that he gets the all-clear and no retail store germs invaded! 🚫🦠

We also had a pre-PRE-op appointment with the cardiothoracic surgeon’s office. The download of information was…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️ overwhelming. It was our first time hearing about this process from A to Z. It’s hitting home. The whole thing feels daunting. I wanted to record my reaction in an update but…to be honest, it was too much for me today. I’ll do my part tomorrow.

Pages of notes from pre-op appointment for first HCM Update
These little note pages are covered on both sides with writing. I gave up notetaking on our pre-PRE-op appointment after three minutes. Overwhelm. I will post more about the instructions, which are copious, in another update.

In the meantime…please enjoy Justin’s first update video!

Three days before surgery, ride along with Justin as he gets his covid test and shares his pre-surgery outlook.
Prefer to listen without video? Hear our first HCM update on Spotify (or anywhere you get your podcasts).

Thank you 🙏 again to our contributors and thank you to everyone who’s praying and sending good vibes! We feel you and appreciate you.

❤️ Michelle

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