Portrait of a Twin Flame – Joanna

Each Portrait of a Twin Flame episode features a flame who’s willing to step forth and share their truth with our audience. We focus on a select few topics in each interview, staying relevant to spiritual awakening and twin flame journeys in order to capture a snapshot of where this flame is at on their path. As always, we aim to find relatable moments for all to share in – we never want anyone to feel alone on this sometimes scary and always surprising journey!

Portrait No. 5: Joanna

Our portrait subject today is Joanna, a twin flame married to her soulmate and living in Oklahoma. Joanna’s journey began when she met her twin flame through her best friend at fifteen years of age. What followed was a series of reunions and separations that spanned several decades.

From suffering physical abuse to drug addiction to houselessness, Joanna has triumphed over enough adversity to harden the softest heart in this lifetime. Yet, as she would insist, here she sits today, in 3D separation from her also-married twin flame, a smile on her face, thankful for every last lesson and ready for whatever comes next on this spiritual journey!

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Join us for this fifth installment of the Portrait of a Twin Flame podcast series to hear more about:

👯 Best friend twin flame connections

💍 Married to a supportive soulmate

🧿 Twin flame remote viewing & sensing

💤 Dreams as a 5D bridge between twin flames

🙌 Letting go of unhealthy expectations

🥺 Overcoming the obsession phase and detaching

❤️‍🩹 Healing from trauma

🎶 Music + 👼 Angel Numbers = twin flame communication

🙋‍♀️ Female/divine feminine runner…who later became the chaser

🎁 Discovering and developing mystical gifts you bought on the journey

Episode Art:

Today’s episode cover art features a theme that’s meaningful to our guest. Joanna selected this image because it represents her and her twin. She shared these thoughts: “He is my mirror and I am his. We move in sync and it’s a beautiful reminder that we will always light the way home for one another.” Got questions about the artwork? Email podcast@twinflamewarriors.com

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We believe in the healing power of sharing our story. We’re happy to help give voice to more twin flame stories. No two journeys look alike, and all are welcome here. If you would like us to consider sharing your twin flame story, please reach out to us at podcast@twinflamewarriors.com or leave us a voicemail at 971-AIM-UP-HI (971-246-8744).

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