The Lion’s Gate Portal and Crystal Healing

Yesterday we shared some healing practices you can engage with during this auspicious time of the year. Today we return with suggestions for crystal healing that can help you harness the energy of Sirius and supercharge your healing! We use all of these crystals ourselves (the images are made from crystals we keep around our house on all of our many altars!), so please feel free to ask questions either in the comments or by messaging us with the 💬 icon at the bottom of the page.

Supercharge Your Stargate Practices with Crystals!

All of the practices we introduced yesterday can be supercharged by adding a crystal or two to the mix. Some suggestions to have nearby for the Lion’s Gate Portal season include:

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite - good for the throat chakra, manifestation, planning, communication. Activates psychic abilities, expands knowledge, and is attuned to the future.
We keep this stone on our Twin Flame Union altar in the throat chakra position.
  • Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation. It activates psychic abilities and facilitates the expansion of knowledge…perfect for a period when we’re receiving so many downloads and incoming frequencies from Sirius!

    We keep a sizeable blue apatite stone in the throat chakra position on our Twin Flame Union altar. It helps us keep our communication solid and straightforward and always moving toward manifestation. What we speak, we become.

    Blue apatite aids with this process as it is attuned to the future. Great for planning what’s next in your life, grab a blue apatite when you’re ready to journal about your goals during the Lion’s Gate Portal!


Celestite/Celestine - good for the third eye chakra, harmony, balance, inner peace. Improves spiritual awareness, promotes discernment, and regulates serotonin.
We keep this stone near our workspace, near our third eye altar.
  • Celestite (also called Celestine) is renowned for its sky-blue color. Celestite brings harmony and balance and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace. During the heightened solar plexus energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal, this cool blue stone is a perfect counterbalance to the heat of the yellow sun and the lion’s intense vibrancy. Celestite can help clear the third eye chakra and promotes discernment plus higher spiritual awareness.

    Feeling down in the dumps? Grab some Celestite! It’s linked to the pituitary gland, which regulates serotonin…one of the hormones that helps keep us happy and on an even keel. It’s like an all-natural, non-invasive antidepressant!

    Interestingly, tiny protozoa use the element strontium (which gives Celestite its blue color) to build their skeletons…and as a result of the mineral’s crystalline structures, their bodies end up looking like…stars. Go figure, Sirius + Sol = stars!
Interestingly, tiny protozoa use the element strontium (which gives Celestite its blue color) to build their skeletons…and as a result of the mineral's crystalline structures, their bodies end up looking like…stars. Go figure, Sirius + Sol = stars!
Bodies of tiny protozoa use strontium to build their skeletons.

Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is good for the solar plexus chakra, self-worth, confidence, courage. Soothes pain, promotes emotional resilience, motivates and activates.
We keep this stone on our Twin Flame Union altar, in the solar plexus chakra position.
  • Honey calcite is an excellent healing stone. Much like our sun, Sol, honey calcite is born of fire and air elements. Its warm yellow hue will brighten your day and imbue you with feelings of self-worth, confidence, and courage (sounds a little like a lion!).

    If you’ve suffered abuse of any sort, honey calcite can help. It soothes pain and helps heal wounds. Scars (3D as well as 5D ones) treated with honey calcite grow stronger with emotional resilience.

    The Dog Days of Summer got you? Feeling sluggish or down? Grab this chipper stone to bring back motivation and fight laziness. Overcome with a meditation on honey calcite!

Lapis Lazuli

Good for the third eye chakra, protection, self-awareness, enlightenment. Connects to cosmic wisdom, amplifies truth, and invites calm.
We keep this stone on our Twin Flame Union altar, in the third eye chakra position.
  • Lapis lazuli is our personal choice of protective stone. We heartily recommend this mesmerizing deep blue stone kissed by gold-fleck freckles for all of your spiritual and psychic shielding needs! We keep a nugget on each floor of our home.

    The deep cobalt blue of lapis lazuli invites calm and a deep connection to cosmic wisdom. It helps amplify truth and overshadow lies, revealing true intents on a spiritual level.

    If you’re an artist, perhaps you’ll already know that ultramarine paints and dyes have long been made from lapis lazuli. And that means it can be a great healing stone for artists of colorful media, acting as a muse and opening the soul to deeper spiritual insights through art.

Tiger’s Eye

Good for the solar plexus chakra, focus, power boost, courage. Helps release anxiety, stabilizes mood swings, promotes mental clarity.
We use these stones to improve mental clarity when performing a tarot or oracle card reading.
  • Tiger’s eye has beautiful holographic bands of yellow-golden color throughout. It’s a powerful stone to help release fear and anxiety and bring in balance.

    Feeling foggy or directionless? Grab a tiger’s eye! It has the power to help focus your mind, promote mental clarity, and stabilize mood swings.

    Pair a tiger’s eye with other healing stones for an amplifying boost of their powers.

What crystals and stones have you found that are helpful during the Lion’s Gate Portal season? We’d love to hear about them or about your experience with blue apatite, Celestite, honey calcite, lapis lazuli, and tiger’s eye.

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