The Lion’s Gate Portal 2021

Last Wednesday, on the Warriors Weekly Zoom, we found ourselves discussing the Lion’s Gate Portal (enormous Sirius energy coming to you 7/28-8/12, peaking on 8/8!) and which crystals may be useful during this time of heightened manifestation (come back tomorrow for the crystals post). Here are some of the gems that came from the discussion. 

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

It’s the annual alignment in the heavens of the blue star Sirius, the yellow star Sol, and Earth. There’s evidence that many ancient civilizations tracked the Sirius star system across the sky and built monuments such as the Pyramids of Giza to commemorate this annual transit. The arrival of Sirius in the heavens each year also portended the flooding of the River Nile and a promise of fertility in the following harvest season.

It’s called the Lion’s Gate because the alignment happens when the sun is in the sign of Leo. This year, we look forward to the added magic of a new moon (in Leo) on 8/8, which is the peak date for harnessing the mystical energy of the portal. Your new moon intention-setting rituals will get extra juice on this date! Be bold and courageous like the Lion when performing them.

Lion's head and dates for 2021 Lion's Gate Portal
The Lion’s Gate Portal is the annual alignment in the heavens of the blue star Sirius, the yellow star Sol, and Earth.

Why is the Portal Significant for Spiritual Journeys?

We here on Earth are spiritual beings enjoying a 3D existence bathed in the light of our yellow sun, Sol. Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which is where we optimize our personal power in the material world. The yellow light of Sol fosters our manifestation capabilities. It is all about the physical plane and how we project our image outwardly with these bodies. Confidence, willpower, and self-expression all arise from a balanced solar plexus chakra.

Sirius, on the other hand, is a blue star sometimes called the “Spiritual Sun.” The blue light of Sirius works on the third eye. It reconnects us with our spiritual selves, leading the way for open frequency communication full of Sirian messages and sensibilities. Sirius lights up the spirit, illuminating high-minded goals and ambitions for moving forward on our spiritual journeys. Be on the lookout for powerful downloads, visions, and dreams. Manifestation can happen seemingly with the slightest breath of hope during the Lion’s Gate!

This is a fabulous time — like any new moon but supercharged! — for setting intentions and claiming the abundance that you wish to manifest. It’s a great time to double down on your passions! Bring them from your 5D/spiritual blueprint into being, aided by the light of the double star shining down on Earth.

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If you identify as a Sirian Starseed, hold on tight! The Lion’s Gate Portal may bring you a renewed sense of belonging in this Universe. It may give you the extra push you’ve been waiting for to really ramp up your plans for turning the dreams you’ve been cultivating since last summer to fruition.

Shadow Considerations of the Lion’s Gate Portal

We’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to acknowledge and honor the shadow side of this heavenly dance. The Lion’s Gate is a portal of serious power and should be handled as such. Your best bet is always to approach with conscious intent for positive outcomes.

Watch for feelings of jitteriness, insomnia, and unexplained frustration. Emotional flare-ups and periods of the doldrums are to be expected during this time. It’s no joke that August is sometimes called the Dog Days of Summer. Sirius is the Dog Star, bringing the late-summer cycle of intense heat to Earth and all of the feelings that go with it!

The particular mixture of solar plexus energy and heightened anticipation of achieving big 5D goals can trigger issues around authority and existential crises. Aggressive tendencies can come to the fore, as well as bossy behavior. Remember, there’s no reason to be afraid of your power or to minimize your fabulousness.

The Lion’s Gate Portal challenges you to express your desires with a clear declaration. Leo and Sirius want you to show up how you are meant to live, being who you are meant to be!


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