Portrait of a Twin Flame, Episode 03 – Pradnya

Each Portrait of a Twin Flame episode features a flame who’s willing to step forth and share their truth with our audience. We focus on a select few topics in each interview, staying relevant to spiritual awakening and twin flame journeys in order to capture a snapshot of where this flame is at on their path. As always, we aim to find relatable moments for all to share in – we never want anyone to feel alone on this sometimes scary and always surprising journey! Today’s subject matter is particularly triggering, as it deals with the death of a twin flame.

Portrait No. 3: Pradnya

Pradnya is an Indian ex-pat living in Dubai and a veteran contributor to the twin flame community on Quora where she’s been answering questions on the subject of twin flames for five years.

Pradnya first met her twin flame when she was in her early teens. Over the years, they did a dance of reunion and separation. Both married soulmates and chose to remain in a platonic connection together in spite of confirming that they were twin souls.

One day in February 2021, Pradnya’s twin flame contacted her to tell her that, no matter where she was in this world, whether he was still here or not, they would always be together. While she thought it was an odd comment, Pradnya didn’t dwell on it. Then, two months later, she woke to see a post on her social feed that her twin had died.

Two months into her grief, Pradnya is here to share her story. The death of a twin flame is a triggering event to witness.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

💀 Death of a twin flame

🚨 Midlife crisis as a rite of spiritual passage

🎵 Music as a love language

🌎 Matrix twin vs. spiritual twin

🤝 Choosing a platonic connection

💍 Married to a soulmate

🧿 Practicing twin flame telepathy

📿 Meditation and strengthening your twin flame connection

🦉 Twin flames and spirit guides

More About Pradnya

Pradnya is an active voice for the twin flame collective on Quora. Her answers have millions of views and she brings a gentle, straightforward approach to holding the hands of those who are going through spiritual awakening.

Find out more about Pradnya on her YouTube channel, too.

Episode Art

Today’s episode cover art features a watercolor painting of flowers by our guest, Pradnya. Pradnya created the painting for her twin flame as a birthday gift. Contact podcast@twinflamewarriors.com if you have questions for the artist.

Get to Know Michelle & Justin:

We believe in the healing power of sharing our story. We’re happy to help give voice to more twin flame stories. No two journeys look alike, and all are welcome here. If you would like us to consider sharing your twin flame story, please reach out to us at podcast@twinflamewarriors.com or leave us a voicemail at 971-AIM-UP-HI (971-246-8744).

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