Self-Love and Twin Flame Surrender

Part Three in the Three-Part Series:
A Story of Twin Flame Surrender

Two weeks ago, we introduced Michelle’s story of twin flame surrender, beginning with the obsession phase and moving through despair to the discovery of a powerful new love in her twin flame connection.

Last week, Michelle shared how she used this newfound love inside of herself along with her twin flame mirror to tip the balance of her unhealthy attachment to Justin.

Today, we conclude Michelle’s story as she puts into practice all she learned.

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

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Self-Love: The Catalyst

The month of August rolled around. Justin was still hemming-and-hawing over the “right time” to tell his wife about our spiritual journey and plans to be in Union. As my unconditional self-love increased, I found it easier to detach from Justin’s fear and lack of courage. They no longer resonated with me. However, his vacillation reached a fever pitch as the Lion’s Gate opened and a partial solar eclipse darkened the Earth.

By mid-month, I was miserable. The wondering and waiting were killing me. I felt weighed down by Justin’s indecision. The tone of our conversations shifted. His unhappiness and worry infected me, even in my loved-up state. I felt such compassion and empathy for him, though, that I could no longer hold onto anger.

Preparation for Twin Flame Surrender

In a push to relinquish the obsessive attachment with Justin and find peace, I performed two moon cycle ceremonies. I’d finally accepted that I could not embody the role I set for myself in this lifetime if I didn’t take back my power from everyone I’d handed it over to…including my twin flame. First, on the new moon in Leo, I released old attachments and duties that carried over from my former life lived in ego. Second, on the full moon in Pisces, I welcomed and set intentions for my new journey.

Reclaiming my power through these ceremonies was crucial. Against a backdrop of pure self-love, my lingering fears of abandonment and loneliness metamorphosed into excitement and certainty. I was where I was meant to be. Inside myself, I’d found the same bright fire of love I’d seen in Justin’s soul. Now that I knew what self-love really was, I couldn’t hurt myself by letting his pain hurt me anymore. It was anathema!

I cast about for a solution. There was one time I tried to cut the twin flame soul bond we shared, with disastrous results. So that option was out! The twin flame soul bond is inseverable. We, as all twin flame pairs, will be united by it when we walk out of this 3D world into whatever comes next.

So if I couldn’t and wouldn’t cut the twin flame soul bond, what could I do?

The Only Thing I Could Do…

I could surrender.

I could give Justin what he wanted. His happiness clearly didn’t lie with me, I reasoned, or he’d have grasped it with both hands, as I had. He wasn’t ready, I acknowledged. In another revelation, I saw how I was now being weighed down and held back by my twin’s outworn ego masks instead of my own.

I couldn’t move ahead toting Justin’s ego masks. Nor would I.

I did the only thing I could do. I let go. With all of my heart and my copy of our soul, I chose his happiness so that I could feel my own. Because when he was stuck in the purgatory of indecision, fear, and powerlessness, my self-love was blocked. Letting him go was my only way to live in self-love, to be self-love.

How do I embody self-love?
How do I embody self-love?

Words of Twin Flame Surrender

Here’s what I wrote in my journal that day. Shortly after I wrote it, I said much of it verbatim to Justin during our morning call as he commuted to work. I never meant anything as much as I meant this when I said it.

4:35 am
in bed at home

I cannot sleep. My brain and my heart are each going round, doing a dance that drives me crazy one thought and one emotion at a time.

There is something about being with M and giving away your power that makes you happy. There is no other logical explanation, no other feeling that I can identify. I have told you over and over that I want you to have your happiness. If I am being truthful about that, then I need to get out of your way and support your happiness. I need to let go and allow you to do freely what makes you happy.

I also have said and know without a shadow of doubt that it’s time for me to truly begin working toward that vision I have in my head of all the healing work I can and will do.

I have stated that I hurt when you go back to M day after day. Yet I have been able to stand by and make no demands of you. But I have finally found, in the last 48 hours, the key to my own story and sense of freedom and happiness. That is the place where my inner truth matches my outer truth.

If I honor this new revelation, there is only one path available to me: to let you go do what you wish freely — what makes you happy — and to stop torturing myself by being subject to the yo-yo of emotions and energy you are experiencing every day. In doing this, I free myself to move forward and not worry or give my power over to that which makes me unhappy. The only thing I can do is let go and allow you to pursue your happiness, whatever happiness it is that you are finding every day that you so desperately need with M, and to move forward by myself toward my own freedom, happiness, and that place where inner truth matches outer truth.

I no longer am the version of myself that stands between ANYONE and the happiness they seek, in whatever form that is, no matter how much I want something to the contrary that might contribute to my happiness. My happiness is not dependent on anyone else’s. I can wish for, strive for someone else to be happy, but never again at the cost of my own happiness and inner truth.

Go do what makes you happy right now. When you find out you’re unhappy, if you ever do, I’ll be here doing what makes me happy. I’m not waiting anymore, and I’m no longer able to step in to watch you struggle every day to decide between two forms of happiness. I love you. Unconditionally. But not at the price of ME.


Guided Meditations for Self-Love and Surrender

Thank you for reading our story. We plan to offer two guided meditation audio files in the coming weeks. The meditations draw from Michelle’s journal entries and the written portions of the lunar cycle ceremonies she performed during this time. If you’ve been struggling to discover unconditional love, embrace self-love, or navigate the path to twin flame surrender on our journey, these meditations may help!

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3 Responses

  1. Amazing story. I’ve been in that very spiritual place. I surrendered. I prayed. I wished and wished beyond self repair. But I’m repairing myself. I’m repairing my soul. I’m building myself back up from the deconstructed and shattered soul I was near the end. I’m building myself back up with my love my wishes and my energy. I hope to get there. Wherever that may be.

    1. P, thank you for stopping by and sharing. We’d love to hear more about you and your journey! Sounds like you’ve come a long way. What are some of the tools you’re using to heal if you can tell us? Are you in contact with your twin flame? 😇🙏💙

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