Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Surrender

Part Two in the Three-Part Series:
A Story of Twin Flame Surrender

Learning to Embody Unconditional Love

Last week, we introduced Michelle’s story of twin flame surrender, beginning with the obsession phase and moving through despair to the discovery of a powerful new love in her twin flame connection. This week, Michelle shares how she used this newfound love inside of herself along with her twin flame mirror to tip the balance of her unhealthy attachment to Justin.

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5D Communication and Its Impact on Twin Flame Attachment

As I worked on myself and my 3D plan for post-divorce life, Justin navigated his spiritual awakening and his course with his soulmate-wife. We saw each other daily, but we were firmly in separation. The moments of profound love that elevated me grew in frequency and intensity. However, in between them, I’d fall victim to my needy ego mask, shouting at Justin in my mind to hurry up! Threatening to abandon him. Issuing ultimatums. This happened in the spiritual realm, inside my head and my soul whenever I couldn’t escape the feeling of obsessive attachment.

All the while I was triggered by my own fear of abandonment and plagued by uncertainty in varying degrees depending on the day…what if he couldn’t do it and I was left alone, without him?

The Twin Flame Mirror as a Tool of Surrender

Soon I began to see my energy reflected in Justin’s eyes when we met for our daily 3D reunion at lunch. Whether consciously known to him or not, he felt my unspoken impatience, my demands, my needs while we were apart. I hadn’t spoken one single critical thought aloud! But he felt me nonetheless.

A mirror beside an inscription that reads, "It's not your job to detox toxic people. It's your job to detox the part of YOU that resonates with their toxicity."
…it’s not even your job to detox your twin flame.

It hurt my heart to know that he received anything but love from me. But I couldn’t control myself! I wanted him by my side, dammit. In a moment of anguish, I screamed at myself in frustration, “Why on earth would he choose to be with me if I make him feel this way? In trying to pull him closer, I’m pushing him away!” The revelation shocked me. I decided that no matter what ego reaction I had to his situation and struggles, it was my job to get comfortable with wherever he was at. I loved him too much to see him in pain, even if it was my shared pain.

But how could I get comfortable with a situation that hurt me so very much?

My First Step Toward Surrender

With every ounce of my being, I surrendered my will to pressure Justin, both in person and in the silence of my own mind. “Find the vibration of profound love,” my spirit team whispered, “and then find a way to tell him you want him to join you that matches that vibration.”

Leaning on the advice my dad offered me long ago, I figured that I needed to stand in Justin’s shoes. This seemed like the best way to decipher what the vibration of love might feel like to him behind the ego masks he still clung to. I’d long been experimenting with our 5D connection and telepathic bond.

On a day that I knew Justin had a counseling appointment, I scheduled my meditation to coincide. The idea was to witness his emotions and energy via our twin flame soul attachment as he talked with his therapist. If I opened myself to feel all that he was feeling with my empathy, surely that would reveal the key to showing him what my profound love for him felt like! How could he resist joining me after I showed him that!?

Telempathy, or How I Learned What Unconditional Love Feels Like

During my experiment, I felt the waves of emotion my twin flame felt. Remote glimpses of where he was sitting, the expression on his therapist’s face, even a few words that passed between them came through the connection. By his side in 5D, I experienced his unfiltered sadness, fear, panic, frustration, anger, disappointment, envy, self-recrimination. The list goes on. But in between those tragic feelings, I also felt wisps of calm. Moments of hope. Desire, that I knew was for me, deep inside.

When I felt what he was going through during that appointment, all I wanted to do was love my twin and heal him from his hurts. I couldn’t do anything else. I’d discovered how to suffuse every fiber of my soul with profound love! I wanted more.

I put what I learned to the test. Grounding myself first in this new love, I texted Justin following his appointment. When he read my text, I received the flash of profound love telegraphed from within his copy of our soul.

The flash confirmed what I suspected. I held the key in my hand.

I wanted to feel that love all the time. To live in it. To be it. I finally figured out what unconditional love was. It was what I felt when I went underneath all of the ego masks my twin wore and fully accepted him.

Practicing Unconditional Love Begets Self-Love

After the aha moment with remote telempathy, I deduced that if I felt such love for Justin, then I must be able to feel it for me. I had to be able to! We were twin flames, the proof was irrefutable. If I tried, I was sure I could replicate and reverse engineer this feeling of divine love for myself!

How do I practice unconditional love?
How do I practice unconditional love?

In pursuit of my self-love goal, I instituted a stronger self-care regimen. I practiced yin yoga, meditated, and journaled daily. These tools helped me build trust and patience in myself, in my twin flame, and in the Universe. Frequently, I imagined sending buckets of love from the well of love I discovered inside me, first to Justin, then to my soulmate-husband who was struggling, then to my kids who were traumatized by the news of impending divorce. I practiced feeling the love at all times, even when the world around me fluxed in chaos and I faced judgment on all fronts from friends and family alike.

Relinquishing the Unhealthy Twin Flame Attachment

I quit questioning Justin about his plans to leave his wife. Instead, I started sharing my excitement over the new path unfolding before us. “I can’t wait until we’re together forever,” I’d say. “We’re going to have so much fun on our twin flame soul mission!” We dreamed together, revisiting the shared vision we’d had during our separated childhood. All mention of dates, or ways to talk to his wife, or how we’d get from point A to point B fell by the wayside. It felt good to detach from that heavy matter. Our moments together were few and far between. I preferred the vibration of love to suffuse our connection, at all times.

The Results of Practicing Unconditional Self-Love

Away from Justin 99% of the time, I continued doing what I needed to do for myself in the next stage of our journey. I searched for a place to live. Consulted lawyers and financial advisors. Consoled family and friends as they reacted to my truth when I shared it. I let go of worry about what Justin needed to do – over and over and over. Processing my own abandonment trauma grew increasingly important. I focused on myself, more exclusively than I ever had in my life. I cultivated self-love.

Soon, I recognized an improvement in my energy, more balanced emotions, and a smoother flow to my daily existence. My plans for our twin flame soul mission work took shape. It dawned on me that I needed to get started, with or without Justin. The time for me to move out of the home of my marriage and into my purpose fast approached.

To be continued…

Part 3 Self-Love and Twin Flame Surrender will be published next week.

6 Responses

  1. These feelings so mirror my own…and even some of the 3d situation. You have no idea how much I needed to read these words today. I was ready to throw the towel in yesterday as I was so sick of feeling trapped in the obsessive stage…totally exhausting…and has all but stopped me moving forward. I have been feeling absolute terror of a future alone and also the pain of watching those I’ve loved go through the disappointment of watching me go down this path. A fear of judgement from my community and yet at the same time a knowing that there is so much more for me in the future. The needing to have some concrete affirmation from my DM has caused me to get stuck.. wondering at times if I’ve imagined it all…it helps me to know that his reluctance to communicate clearly comes from his own pain and a feeling of being manipulated by my strong desire. I want to surrender in my heart ❤ if only my head would get out of the way for a while.

    1. Carole, you hit the nail on the head. If only our heads would get out of our heart’s way!

      Surrender is a tricky state. We can definitely confirm for you that none of this journey is imagined. As strange, mystical, and scary as it all is, it’s 💯 real. Judgment from communities, families, and friends is sadly par for the course for many twin flames. We can’t count the number of times someone said to us that we were crazy for choosing love over material matters, wrong for ending our prior relationships to be together, damned for believing and acting the way we do. Through it all, we held onto each other and the knowledge that this was the ONE THING that was RIGHT in our screwed-up lives and it was our destiny (actually, it was our plan from time immemorial) to be together and doing our healing work.

      How long have you been on your twin flame journey? 😇🙏💙

      1. Im still learning on this journey TF .my friend told me a couple months in February he think im his twinflame .wen he got locked up it happen so fast ..and I NEVER EVER HAD A MALE TELL ME THAT im 35 so i asked wat that mean he told me to read on it N IT CONFIRMED what i was going thru was REAL ..LIKE phases of your life but MY TF WE ARE SPLIT RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK …n im DISTANCE THAN i was before i still love him n waiting on him but i be questioning still this whole thing ion no maybe cuz im still fighting my demons ion no

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