Portrait of a Twin Flame, Episode 02 – Ronelle

Each Portrait of a Twin Flame episode features a flame who’s willing to step forth and share their truth with our audience. We focus on a select few topics in each interview, staying relevant to spiritual awakening and twin flame journeys in order to capture a snapshot of where this flame is at on their path. As always, we aim to find relatable moments for all to share in – we never want anyone to feel alone on this sometimes scary and always surprising journey!

Portrait No. 2: Ronelle

Meet Ronelle, a feminine-polarity flame currently in 3D separation from her twin in a third-party situation. Ronelle has been on the twin flame journey for a little over a year. Before that, she was a deeply devout Christian with a long history of ministry in her church, alongside her beloved husband and business partner. 

When Ronelle’s soulmate husband passed away several years ago, she entered an extended period of denial that ended with a bang when a stranger in a bar spoke words that sent her down a path to profound healing. Along that path, she discovered herself, a new relationship with Jesus, a worldwide family beyond the clique of her church community, and her twin flame. 

Ronelle is growing into the healer skills that have long lived in her soul. She offers Reiki healing, spiritual relationship mentoring, and spiritual awakening guidance. Visit Ronelle’s Facebook page to learn more.

Some questions you may find answers to in this episode:

  • How can a Christian become spiritually awakened? What’s the process?
  • Is the twin flame journey okay for me to be on if I believe in God?
  • Will meeting my twin flame catalyze my spiritual awakening?
  • How do I contact my twin flame in 5D, even in 3D separation?
  • Why does the twin flame mirror repel twin flames in a runner/chaser dynamic?
  • How can I overcome the needy desire I harbor for my twin flame’s attention at all times?

Other topics in this Portrait of a Twin Flame:

  • Love languages on the twin flame journey
  • Multiple soulmates
  • Chakra balancing and healing
  • Widowhood on the twin flame journey
  • Self-love vs unconditional love vs twin flame love
  • Separation as an illusion
  • Practicing detachment and acceptance

Bonus Materials from Ronelle:

Episode artwork:

Cover for Portrait of a Twin Flame episode 2 - Ronelle.
Today’s episode cover art features a picture chosen and provided by our guest, Ronelle. Listen to the interview to hear Ronelle’s story about how this image represents her twin flame connection. Contact podcast@twinflamewarriors.com if you have questions.

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