Is Twin Flame Union Boring?

On a twin flame Facebook group recently, someone posed the question: So is being with your twin flame boring after you come into union? I heard it’s peaceful but is it fun? Do you guys laugh and do things or is it like cuddle at home while you guys both read separate books? Do you guys argue or it’s literally just peaceful?

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The twin flame journey is not a path to spiritual awakening for the faint of heart. Given where we are in the cycle of twin flame awakening, the community’s focus is frequently on separation. Souls need help with the shadow feelings of not being on the same plane with their twin, of running/chasing. Healing is the order of the day. When we see a hopeful question such as this, we are called to share the sweet parts of our Journey, too. Here’s our answer.

Being in Union is…EVERYTHING

Justin and I have been in Union for 3 years. It is peaceful, fun, enjoyable, hilarious, happy, warm, safe. It is also exciting, sexy, challenging, rewarding, scary…the list goes on. It is never boring, that is for sure! 😅

In Union, we discovered a deep-seated knowing that we are where we are meant to be. Every day, I wake up in love with myself and my twin and everything we have become — individually and together. There is so much freedom in this! Everything we do together is MORE than anything we used to do in separation. Also, everything we’ve done before is ripe to redo again so we can create new, complete memories out of experiences that we did by ourselves in separation.

Refuting the cries of “But that’s not healthy!”

So, my twin and I do everything together. We never choose to be apart, except when he has to go to work (I work from home on our twin flame soul mission). This is a mind-blower for the folks who knew us before! Those who don’t understand our connection and who haven’t spent time with us might say we have an unhealthy attachment, are codependent, trapped in a narc/supply situation, or any number of judgmental labels. The truth is, we choose to be together because when we are together we are WHOLE. Nothing is fully understood by us until we experience it together now. And we LOVE to be together. We carry our love everywhere. There is nowhere else, as far as we are concerned.

As you might imagine, this means we can always find something to do. For example, we have become avid amateur bicyclists in these three years — just last weekend we completed a 42-mile ride, something I NEVER THOUGHT THIS MIDDLE-AGED BODY WOULD DO! In fact, I never would have bicycled as an adult until I found my twin. However, he enjoyed biking when we were in separation…so we tried it together. I loved it. Of course. It has become one of our favorite twin flame hobbies. This is one example of many.

The sweet, unboring moments in Twin Flame Union

In Union, we discovered how important our downtime is together. I never wanted to cuddle or snuggle with any of my romantic partners. I really didn’t care for kissing. Sex was perfunctory – it was good, and I enjoyed it without difficulty. But what I was experiencing with all those others was nothing like what I experience with my twin flame. As much as I want to go everywhere and do everything with him, I also want to just take him to bed and never leave again. Example:

On a day off, we might spend ALL FREAKING MORNING lazing in bed. We can go from reading and sharing news stories on our separate phones as we lie next to each other, to talking about what’s happening with our twin flame clients, to passionate making out, to dozing in each other’s arms, to listening to music (don’t even get me started there…all of our favorite songs from when we were in separation were the same ones! Now we get to listen to them together…and the music means MORE!), then to lovemaking…maybe once or twice throughout the morning. I never did this with anyone else. Never wanted to. Now, it’s like a weekly holiday!!!

The spicy, unboring moments in Twin Flame Union

Justin & I don’t argue anymore. We don’t have to. We discuss…but they’re not “DISCUSSIONS” like I used to call them with my ex-husband! 😆 We are still individuals and have separate ideas and free will. We still want to understand where each other is coming from and meet on common ground. A lot of that has become automatic, but when there is an energetic disturbance between us, we never go to the silent treatment or yelling or hurting each other. That is intolerable — it hurts me too much to be mad at him because when he feels it, I feel him feeling it, and it makes me feel it more…then by turn, he feels worse…and the cycle deepens. We recognized this VERY EARLY in our Union. So how do we keep the peace?

We just talk. We speak our truth from our hearts. We trust that the other will hear, will work with us to understand, that we’ll support each other in getting our needs met. I know I can say absolutely anything to him and one of two things will happen. Either he will already know exactly what I mean, or he will open himself without judgment or fear to hear what I have to say. In the end, we always learn more about each other which is learning more about ourselves. The lessons are deep, rich, ground-shaking, and we love it when we expand and grow through our discussions!

We would love to hear your story of what it’s like in Union, whether you’ve experienced it in 3D or 5D.

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