Full Moon, Eclipse, Mercury R, oh my!

Are you a masculine polarity flame in a twin flame pair? If so, this post is especially for you…forget your cisgender expectations. This moment in time is all about the collective embracing its divine masculine power and stepping up to heal, side-by-side, with the divine feminine. It’s time to overcome reticence. Name what makes you happy and whole, and claim it.

Wait, what’s going on?

I woke at 4:44 am PST today. I sensed Justin was awake already. I snuggled against him and waited for sleep to reclaim me. But it didn’t. We lay there, basking quietly in each other’s presence and closeness. Finally, our first alarm sounded at 5:30. We flipped positions (he took the big spoon) and I thought back on the past week, which featured a solar flare, a full blood moon WITH ECLIPSE, and the shadow of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (the sign of the Twins). There’s a lot of energetic upheaval going on…shaking up the Earth and especially the Twinverse, and we’ve been feeling it! So many are awakening.

Michelle & Justin at the trail's end in Banks, after 20.5 miles of riding. Divine masculine energy in full tilt!
Twin Flames at the halfway point, sweaty and ready for a snack.

We connected with two cis-gendered male twin flames in the past few days. These are men who suspect or know they are in a twin flame pair. They are the first two male twins who have reached out to us for our assistance since we began publishing our story. Sharing our light with them, hearing about their struggles and fears on this journey, witnessing them begin to understand that this is all real and meant for them when they’re ready was gratifying in a way that words fail to describe.

Why is the divine masculine awakening to its power?

The divine feminine has collectively been crying out for the divine masculine to awaken in just this way, to reach for their twin, to heal, and ascend to their rightful place by each other’s side! The pendulum is finally swinging faster. I feel it in the divine masculine energy I harbor inside of me. I feel it in my twin’s expansion of healing powers. I feel it in the very breath of the planet…and I’m so happy we’re here for it!

Welcome to the most amazing journey, y’all…and happy Friday!


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