A Day in the Life of Twin Flames in Union

Twin Flame Union is a popular topic in the twin flame community. And, since Union is the primary goal most twin souls set for themselves in every timeline, it’s natural to want to know how it looks, works, and feels. The desire to reach Union with our twin motivates us on our twin flame journey. It’s the invisible hand pushing us to find and reunite on the earthly or 3-D plane — what we call twin flame ignition. Union takes the togetherness of a traditional relationship and slams it into overdrive. We’re here to share every gory detail!

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Defining the Twin Flame Union

Spiritually, the Twin Flame Union puts two puzzle pieces together that complete the most amazing portrait of divine love. We’ve heard many twin flame pairs describe the feeling of Union as one of simply ‘being home.’ It makes sense. The connection was designed to draw the separated copies of the twin soul together, clear all trauma both copies suffered in this as well as other timelines, and begin operating as one soul with one purpose in this timeline.

Twin Flame Union
Twin flames in Union At the 26-W spring.

Physically, the Twin Flame Union is like being in a relationship with someone you love more than anyone else you’ve ever imagined loving, more than you ever thought possible to love someone. But also you hear that person’s every thought, feel their every emotion, know their every struggle, rejoice in their every triumph, grieve with their every trauma in real-time…all without any filter. It takes work to learn to navigate this special echo chamber!

Interested in learning more about what it’s really like to live in Twin Flame Union? We were interviewed by Julia Lara, MA/AASW, a special guest on our podcast on 2/21/21.

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Describing the Twin Flame Union

Here’s an excerpt from a recent text conversation in which I tried to explain what Union is like for me and Justin. The person I’m explaining to is my soul brother. We’ve journeyed together on many timelines, in many places. In this timeline, however, he is new to the twin flame journey. Recently, he emerged from his Long Dark Night of the Soul to realize that Twin Flame Union is what he’s searching for in his next stage of awakening:

Clearly, the call of Twin Flame Union, even for new initiates to the journey, is irresistible.

Living the Twin Flame Union

Being in Union is powerful, scary, fulfilling, fun, exasperating, and exhilarating. There’s nothing quite like looking into a perfect mirror reflection of yourself in heightened emotions or triggered moments. It affords nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. It forces you to look at your own actions while feeling how they affect another person, soup-to-nuts. Add the fact that you love this person insanely, completely, unconditionally, just like they love you, and you can see how the physical-mental-emotional-spiritual call-and-response grows. The combination has the potential to overwhelm on both a personal and pair level until the twin flames in Union grasp how to use it for their advancement and improved communication.

This process has, for me and Justin, become a quick way of identifying a lesson our soul has to learn and assimilate. Here’s how it worked last Tuesday.

What an emotional trigger looks like in Union

As we drive, a song on the radio triggers me to receive a download of insight. I share it with Justin, as I hear it from our spirit team. A lot of my words are disjointed, sentences go uncompleted as the information comes fast and furious, popping into my head. Justin understands it anyway, which low-key exasperates me because it seems like all of my life, no one has understood me and I’ve always had to explain my ideas multiple times. Not so in Twin Flame Union. I’m still assimilating this miraculous line of communication I share with my twin! We talk the vision over, picking apart all the ins and outs of the path we’ve been shown to solve a problem in our business. It’s an elegant solution that we know will succeed. I see 11:11 on the car clock.

Anxiety overwhelms me. I begin to hyperventilate. Panic attacks have not plagued me in four years! I look at Justin, tears trembling, and say, “I’m anxious!” His surprise smacks me in the face. I can’t stop myself from asking, “Are you going to be here with me for all of this?”

Justin doesn’t answer right away. He’s feeling what I’m feeling, pausing to seek clarity in the muck of stirred-up, long-dead emotions I’m expressing in 3-D.

“I don’t know. How can I answer that? No one can see the future,” he looks over at me in the passenger’s seat.

“But are you going to be here with me?” I ask the same question again, desperately seeking reassurance, just like I used to demand from my ex-husband when my mental illness would flare. Justin’s emotional temperature shifts. I feel the stirrings of energetic discord that sizzle and pop when we are not in perfect communication. Damn, I remember Mercury is still in retrograde. Why did this have to come up now?!

The Twin Flame Mirror in action!

“I’m doing as much as I can, but I have to work,” Justin reacts to the perceived energy of my question. He thinks that I need him to contribute more to our business. He can feel my panic, my need. I feel the guilt my emotions and questions bring up in him. He’s already overwhelmed at his 3-D job; why would I pressure him like this? Though he’d never say it aloud, I feel the question. He wants to help me, to never disappoint, to be all I need him to be. I have to fix this!

“It’s not that,” I rush to explain. “I can handle all the tasks on my own. My productivity is off the charts. It’s more like, all of this success is coming and I’m not sure if you really believe in all of this. Are you really here? You’re not going anywhere?” It’s an absurd thing to feel, to say. We are talking about our Twin Flame Soul Mission, the beat to which our Twin Flame Soul Union marches. Both of us believe in it with every fiber of our shared soul. But I need some 3-D reassurance!

“When you doubt things, I start to doubt things,” he says. What? What is he talking about? I don’t want to look in the mirror he’s holding up to my face.

Deflecting, I insist, “I don’t have doubts! It’s different, it’s more of a feeling, like are you really here and you’re really not going away? Are you going to be here with me?” As I explain, my panic begins to subside. I realize I don’t need his reassurance. I’m looking to soothe an old feeling, an old fear that I acquired in old relationships. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my twin flame is with me, for every step of this journey. There’s no place else for us in the universe but by each other’s side.

Soul healing in Union

“Those are doubts,” Justin presses me to acknowledge my trigger. I pause to feel what he means. Anyone overhearing this conversation might expect sparks to fly and heated words to match them. Not so in our Twin Flame Union. I check my ego. He’s right. I’m doubting him by expecting his actions to be like anyone else’s, like my father’s or my ex-husband’s. His support is unconditional and unwavering because in supporting me he is also supporting himself. No one knows this better than my twin flame.

“You’re right, they are doubts,” I acknowledge. Straight from seeing my own emotional reaction fallout on my twin flame, I about-face. My tears and fears have already receded, like a phantom tide. “When this happens, all I need to do is remember we planned all of this and we’re already succeeding.” He nods and I feel him probing me. Despite his calm demeanor, he’s shaken when I go through these moments. “I know what I was doing,” I admit, sheepish.

“What’s that?” he asks patiently.

“For some reason, I was transported back to the last time I was standing on the precipice of huge success. I got abandoned at that moment, and I didn’t stand up for what I wanted. I was trying to get reassurance from you that you won’t abandon me the same way.” Justin smiles. “I know what I said about reminding myself, but I am healed from this wound. I won’t ever have to learn this lesson again.”

“That’s good,” he says. The energy has smoothed. We’re on the same page now. I never need to fear this reaction or miscommunication happening between us again. Next time, it’ll be some other trigger that we need to learn from!


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