Psst…we’re making an audiobook!

What kind of learner are you? More of a reader, like Michelle, who loves the written word? Or are you more of a listener, like Justin, whose dyslexia makes audible information acquisition his best choice? Either way, we’ve started serving up the book version of our story for the readers, and now it’s the listeners turn! The audiobook version of Souls of Fire: Memoirs of a Twin Flame True Love Journey (Part I) is NOW AVAILABLE.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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All the Deets

Guess what’s even more exciting? Michelle is narrating! The rise in author-recorded audiobooks is marked, as more listeners find out what it’s like to hear a narrative exactly the way it was intended. We are thrilled to be able to take our voices to you, and reveal the subtleties of our story through them.

We’re offering our audiobook series through Audible! 🎤📚📣

Future Audiobooks

The first version we’re releasing is a traditional audiobook performance by Michelle, solo. In the future, we hope to record a version with Justin’s voice narrating his words, and a soundscape that reflects the plot. Someday, we’ve seen it coming on our Journey for a long time, we will make a movie series. Any intrigued producers? You now know where to find us!

The Twin Flame Mission Never Sleeps

Michelle’s Journey: Destination, audiobook authorhood (is that a thing?)

I started recording the Part 1 audiobook last week. But I’ve known, since the same moment I knew I was writing a book, in spring 2018, that it would eventually come to life as acted out by me. How did I know? It’s all part of my twin flame journey, having begun decades before I met my twin.

When I was very young…

As a child, one of my beloved pastimes was to make DJ’d audio programs on a little old RCA recorder I found in a closet. I’d capture my favorite songs — in very poor quality! — from the radio speakers, and then narrate the DJ talk in between tunes. I’d even make commercials with my friends, and then we’d all sit in the Arizona summer and listen to the produced result, captivated. Post-applause, we’d launch straight into planning our next edition.

RCA Transistor Portable Tape Recorder – unearthed from my parents’ 1970’s closet, this was a precursor tool to my MacBook Pro in my lifelong pursuit of becoming an audiobook author!

Recording Audiobooks for LibriVox

When I was in my late-20’s, I discovered a website dedicated “To make all books in the public domain available, narrated by real people and distributed for free, in audio format on the internet. What a perfect way to put the passions of my youth to good use! I was in a career that was fast becoming unpalatable to me, married to my soulmate, and planning to add kids to the mix. I needed something to escape to, to give me life in the dull moments of middle adulthood.

My LibriVox catalog still stands today, but I’m not in love with the quality of my reading. I hear all the flaws as if shouted through a megaphone, from the deadened tone with which I sometimes delivered my performance, to the less-than-professional editing and mastering. It’s an ego thing, clearly; a lesson to be learned at some level because there’s the flip side of the coin to consider.

The other side is, I’m in love with my LibriVox audiobooks because they freed thoughts, ideas, and dreams into the world. My recordings opened windows from elsewhere, other lifetimes, other universes, into today. I’m pleased that there are people who enjoyed a few vistas that might’ve been out of reach without the instrument of my voice.

Gathering tools, honing skills on the Twin Flame Journey

What I’m most thankful to have learned through these proto-audiobook-making experiences is the technical details. Everything from what reaction I want my work to evoke in my audience (thank you, friends-of-my-youth), to how to master audio files in Audacity. Without all of this having gone before, I wouldn’t possess the experience I need to breathe life into this project and open windows for more souls to peer through, into my twin flame story.

It’s taken close to five decades on this sometimes-invisible path for me to begin to see the patterns I’ve lived. Lessons pop out from the woodwork, ones I missed and ones I took the opportunity to learn. I cheer for both because I know the nature of the lessons I learn is spiral. They’ll come back around for me to learn again, or to learn more about, on another go-round. Right now, I’ve amassed the necessary skillset and acquired the tools that will take me one step closer to my goal. Next stop, Audiobook Authorhood (it’s a thing now)!

This is how it works, walking the path with my twin in Union, fulfilling our Twin Flame Mission.


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