Finding Peace in Your Stillness

During a visit to the Oregon coast during the recent king tides, I spied a message that I want to share with you during this time of energetic upheaval and change on Earth. With the waves crashing around us on the jetty at Ft. Stevens State Park, I tried to capture the moment that was described in this message:

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Finding peace in your stillness? A sneaker wave crashes over a boulder inscribed with this phrase at Fort Stevens State Park, January 2021.
King tide sneaker wave crashing over the Ft. Stevens State Park jetty, January 2021.

The picture perfectly reflects the current state of my feelings: chaos surrounds me, yet I am safe. I find peace in this stillness within me. Through its lens, I see how this energy is needed to counterbalance the weight of turmoil in the world. I am here for this. I am here for this moment, in this timeline, to act on an ancient promise to myself.

Is this what manifestation looks like?

When I find the peace in my stillness, it feels like floating on air. It’s as heady as those dreams I’ve had of flying. I chart my course with a 360° view of the world, effortlessly staying aloft. That course will take me where I’m going, where I meant to go, where I promised I would arrive.

Is this what manifestation feels like? I wonder this as my feet rediscover the ground, after I’ve arrived at my destination. The journey aloft has changed me; I see the world more clearly for what it is. A theater, and we are each in a starring role.

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