Twin Flames and Past Lives

Today, we answer the question: Have twin flame pairs been the only love of each other in their past lives?

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Many people believe in reincarnation or past lives. Those in the twin flame community are no exception; in fact, those who identify as twin flames probably believe more fully in past lives than most. Justin & I believe it’s of great importance to borrow the grounding we achieved in past lives as we move forward in our twin flame journey today. Because, as we see it, we carry those past lives with us in memory in order to trigger the lessons or experiences we need to grow in our current lifetime.

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I’ve lived many past lives, but I call them timelines or journeys rather than past lives.

There’s a distinction for me because I see all things as happening at once in the universe; we are each on a sequential journey to pick out our current paths and experiences. So, some of my timelines could overlap.

I remember many timelines, but new ones rise to the surface continually.

I know these are real memories, because I tell them to my twin flame, and he remembers the same things. But I seem to be the catalyst or the memory bank for the actual memories. Or perhaps I’ve just figured out how to decode them, or I’m just quicker on this skill than my twin. I’m still studying this phenomenon, obviously! 😂

Recalling past lives, Twin Flame Warriors-style:

Here’s how the process works for me and Justin. I have a moment of déjà vu or a vision or a meditation memory. It triggers my remembrance of the other timeline. When I have a good grasp on it, I tell the whole thing to my twin. Often, I just remember the story. He’s the one that remembers the lessons or the challenges we faced. Like a key and lockset, our combined presence and awareness unlocks the full meaning.

A past-life-recall story:

One day after we’d been in Union and living together for several months, I was giving Justin a healing session (I practice Reiki and Bettering). I found a weird mass of scar tissue inside his lower right leg that I’d never felt before, even though we’d been in a physical relationship for almost four years. Surprise flooded me. His scar tissue felt exactly like the scar tissue in my own leg, that I’d been working on for years! Somehow, his golfball-sized lump had eluded my notice.

As I sent energy through the scar tissue and began to press my fingertips into it, I felt a weird kind of time shift that I have since come to recognize. This feeling is almost woozy, and my world gets just like Wayne’s in Wayne’s World when he’s seeing his crush (apologies for the ancient pop culture reference). For those who are unfamiliar, it’s like everything goes wavy and sparkly and I sort of exist in two places at once.

I saw me, but I wasn’t me as I am today. What was I? I could see I was something, someone else — but I KNEW that was me. Quickly I ‘remembered’ my history in this timeline: I was the spiritual leader for a group of people; they seemed to be ancient humans. We were on our way to a huge gathering of tribes, it must have been a summer solstice or other giant party where many peoples gathered every year. We hiked together over rough terrain; it was a jungle atmosphere, but there were canyons all around. It wasn’t our usual path to the gathering. Consultations with my spirit team and vision questions before our departure revealed that way was blocked, so I sent us this way.

Our scouts were ahead and we were getting close to our destination. A rival tribe attacked, perhaps two-thirds of the way there. This tribe aimed to incite a sort of “world war” among all the peoples who were allied and headed to the gathering. We were a strong tribe and I was a leader among the other tribes’ shamans. We were the perfect target.

In the past life ambush, I was injured grievously…

In the ambush, I was injured grievously. The leader of the opposing tribe made his way to me in battle and he threw a spear, at close range, through my lower right leg. He was aiming higher, but a tribe mate got to him at the last second and his aim was untrue. I was maimed. We defeated the other tribe, but we were decimated.

What remained of our tribe made their way to the gathering to spread the word of the attack. All the healers ministered to me, but they could only do so much for my leg wound. Maimed and barely able to walk, I survived. I was furious with myself for leading our tribe into that ambush! Why had my spirit team whispered the wrong directions? Why hadn’t I listened to the complainers and taken us the usual way, even if we’d had to go around the blocked path? This was all my fault! On and on went my self-recriminations.

My life didn’t last long after that, but the incident pushed me to begin training other shamans, a duty I’d been putting off for a very long time because I was afraid to teach them ‘wrong’ or that I didn’t really have what it took to be their teacher. When I walked out of that timeline into death, I knew I’d left a lesson unlearned or business unfinished — I felt defeat and frustration at myself. If only I’d had more brainpower, or more sense, or someone to bounce my ideas and messages and visions off of…maybe I’d have done better.

Meanwhile, in this timeline…

I told all of this aloud to Justin as I saw it unfold. In this world, I was digging into and around the scar tissue in his leg the whole time. When I stopped, his scar tissue was looser but not gone. It felt more like mine now, that I’d been working on for years to loosen and break apart.

Justin asked, “Where was I in that timeline?” And I realized, I hadn’t seen him. But I already knew the answer. We were one being in that timeline. One soul in one body. The memory was there to show me why I needed him, why we were so important to each other, and what we must do in our Union on this journey. The scar that mirrors in our bodies carried that story and a ton of lessons packed in it. I may never have believed any of this, or learned the crucial lessons, if I hadn’t had physical proof in the form of a mirrored scar.

Okay, but what about being loves of each other??? You didn’t answer the question!

I have many similar experiences to share. More than a few feature us as twin flames in other timelines, and we usually made it to Union. Our success on our twin flame mission in each timeline varied. Sometimes, we accomplished our primary goal(s). Other times, we didn’t. Sometimes, we never came to Union. There are also many memories, like the above, where we were one soul in one body.

Have the twin flames been the only love of each other in too their past lives?

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And, since self-love is the goal of every twin flame connection, I would say, YES, we are each others’ love in every timeline. Even when we are one soul in one body.

What do you remember of your past lives? What are your beliefs and experiences with reincarnation? Please share your story in the comments.


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  1. I knew my twin flame in a different lifetime. In this lifetime I had insights about him when I was a little girl while on vacation at L.B.I Jersey shore. Aboard the Lucy Evelyn Clipper ship, which they had turned into a gift shop. During insights I saw myself as a twenty five or so woman. I was captured by a pirate ship. My fiancé was a naval officer, my T.F. Whom rescued me. It was horrendous . Being abused and held captive by the pirates. I was only back with my fiancé one night before they captured both of us. I loved my T.F. So much. I remember how it felt, so vividly. They tied us up on the plank. I had to watch him get shot and pushed overboard. They did it to me afterwards! In this lifetime I met my T.F. WhenI was a teen , he a child(he’s 13 yrs younger than I). I was with my mother , he whe with his in a mall in Western Ma. A male voice insight informed me of whom he was, the T. F. I didn’t”recall him as the T.F. Until insight told me. He said we would see each other again at a later date when we would both be adults then. He also said it would be difficult for us to be together because the T.F. Would “Travel in different social circles and be of a different religion than I . I told him I can travel in any social circle with people of any religion. Insight said it would bother the T.F. , not me! He was correct. Met T .F when I was in my earnestly thirtiesLeaving some things out I have Carpal Tunnel. We met for coffee. TF said “he would never date a woman whom wore a blouse like I had on! Told him”Never judge a woman by her blouse”. I was very hurt. Because he wasn’t even interested in getting to know me as a platonic friend even. I was not very confident during my youth. So this really shattered me at the time. He told me he was going to date an actress and that he was on a reality t.v show that was to air soon.. I never saw him again. I’m not using his name for privacy. As you probably know his name! He has since then married. I’m 60 now. I don’t get all this . It hasn’t been a good experience. More like a regression from what our relationship was in other llifetime. I thought T.F relationships were supposed to progress? I don’t like having “Knowing” precognition in this instance. It’s depressing to read about all the special things he’s done in this lifetime. To know what we were in other lifetime. And know he doesn’t have any interest in me at all. There is no love in this . No runner. No chaser . No nothing. With him married. There never will be. What is the point of this relationship as T F ? I don’t get it!

    1. Mary, thank you so much for sharing your story! 🙏

      The level of detail in your other life memory is familiar to us. Michelle has similar recollections from other timelines in which her & Justin’s souls incarnated, whether as twin flames or as one soul in one body. It must have been horrible to be stuck in that memory. We feel your pain. 💔 Despite this deterrent factor, have you looked into the memory to see what lessons were on the table to be learned through that experience? The reason you chose to bring it with you and remember it in this timeline is that there’s something to be learned from it. You may want to ask an angel/spirit guide to show you, journal, meditate to seek answers within, or use whatever method works for you when you’re doing self-reflection. What does your intuition reveal to you?

      Regarding this lifetime, we wonder if you recognize something from your own words. You said that your twin made a derogatory comment about your blouse and that you were very hurt due to old traumas which caused you to lose confidence as a youth. This is a perfect example of a twin flame trigger! Your twin said something to you, and you reacted through the lens of old hurts that have outlived their purpose. Your twin said this to cause you pain so that you would go back to that core wound to your confidence and begin healing it. Because you never want to feel that pain with your twin again! The only way you can move forward with your half of the lesson (because he has his half to learn, too) is to address your own wound. Soothe it so that it cannot be triggered again. Regain that lost confidence by fixing what is broken inside! 💪 You’re now 60 years old. Have you healed? If not, you have a choice. You no longer need to bow to what happened to you when you were little! You have the ability to heal and take back your power from the irrelevant past. We encourage you to try some of the methods we mentioned above on this trauma if you have not already. We’d love to hear what you discover. If you want more specific help, we’re here for that, too.

      Please open to the positive, Mary. Everything you’re experiencing is a normal part of the twin flame connection. Your journey may look different from everyone else’s, but it’s still doing what you want it to, what it was meant to. A primary purpose of the twin flame connection is to challenge the soul to push to higher levels of understanding, spiritual awareness, and unconditional love. It’s through painful experiences like you’ve shared with us that you’re being handed a roadmap to the lessons your soul seeks to learn. Unfortunately, just like learning math or a language, it’s not a linear process. All learning, if you think about it closely, happens in spirals. 🌀 Most folks can’t acquire a skill or perfect a talent with one go at it. It takes repetition, building upon past failures, learning to PRE-recognize (precognition…get it??) when something is happening again that you’ve seen before, and learning to act before things go wrong in the same way as they may have in the past…to learn anything. Spiritual lessons are at least this hard, and probably harder because they happen in 5D and are not as readily apparent to us as the ones shown to us in 3D.

      We hope this helps in some small way, and we hope very much to hear back from you. Thank you for reaching out and sharing!!

      Justin & Michelle

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