Angel Number 222 for Part 2 Launch

We’re excited to announce the launch date for the second installment in our novella series. Souls on Fire: Memoirs of a Twin Flame True Love Journey (Part II) will drop on February 22, 2021. It’s a 222 angel number day!

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Why did we coordinate our launch on an angel number day?

Because it was meant to be! Synchronicity and serendipity tend to rule twin flame connections — or at least provide guidance, if you’re willing to heed their whisperings. For example, we launched our first novella on June 11, 2020. While not an angel number, it’s the anniversary of our twin flame ignition (what we like to call that lightning-strike moment). It made perfect sense when the manuscript was done mid-May that it was meant to be held for release on that auspicious date.

Preorder cover for Souls on Fire Part 2
Part 2 is available on Amazon and Kindle for a pre-order price of $4.44 (yes, angel numbers abide!)

For our second installment launch, we wished to claim the beautiful magic of a 222 date. This particular angel number is special for us. Whenever Justin & I see 222, we say, “Two-two-two, I love you.” The habit was born of several years spent honing our understanding of angel numbers. 222 for us brings to mind twin flame relationships. Twin flames, by definition, are two beings connected in unconditional love that is sometimes unfathomable to non-twin flame souls. When I say, ‘I love you’ to Justin, it is the same as saying ‘I love you’ to myself. Doubling up on the love, in other words!

More about angel number 222

Two is the number of universal balance. It embodies the masculine-feminine duality. It represents the interdependence of the yin and the yang, the dark and the light. The mirror you lift to see yourself holds the magic of two; it doubles your image. Two is the end of loneliness, the rise of partnership and teamwork. Because Justin and I are all of these things for each other, we acknowledge it with an audible, ‘I love you’ anytime we are shown a 222 angel number in our path.

I learned about angel numbers early in my spiritual awakening. My curiosity was piqued because I noticed that, whenever I looked at the clock, I happened to see 11:11 or 1:11. This went on for upwards of a week. Finally, I googled, ‘why am i seeing 11:11 all the time.’ I spent hours researching definitions. I started to pay attention to these angel numbers, and I checked online to see what they meant whenever I crossed them.

What do angel numbers really mean, though?

Pretty quickly, I realized, others’ definitions didn’t neatly match my experience. I started to keep tallies in my journal, and studied them in order to draw my own conclusions. Eventually, I distilled my experiences into an angel numbers master key. There are lots of entries and noodling and doodles I drew from, but here’s the end result:

Michelle's May 25, 2018, journal entry about angel numbers
Journal page from May 25, 2018 – Michelle’s journal.

Since I wrote that journal entry, I’ve continued to catalog and study my experiences with angel numbers. I’ve incorporated additive definitions. Angel numbers have slowly become a personalized Dewey Decimal system for my memories and mystical experiences. They’ve added an extra layer of energetic communication between me, my twin flame, and our spirit team. Without their presence along this path, and without having paused to learn about them and how to use them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What do angel numbers mean for you? Do you have some other guideposts that give you feedback along your life’s journey?

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