The Twin Flame Talk

It seems inevitable, on every twin flame journey, there comes a moment when one twin or the other asks themselves, “Should I tell them that I think they’re my twin flame…?” and then they take the plunge. I’ve come to think of this moment as ‘the Twin Flame Talk.’ It was one of the most mystical and affirming ones of Justin’s & my twin flame journey so far! As amazing as it was for us, however, we also know it’s one of the toughest moments in any twin flame journey.

It was our twin flame talk that catalyzed our path to union from where we were stuck before, in endless runner-chaser mode. Ironically, it was Justin’s wife at the time who brought the term to his attention.

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Before our Twin Flame Talk

Justin and I had been having an extramarital affair for several years. His wife nearly found out about us twice, but he was able to keep my identity concealed from her and earn his way back into her good graces. Each near-miss did not deter us. We felt this connection like nothing other.

I knew what twin flames were. The term was whispered in my ear by my Spirit Team when I was in the throes of my spiritual awakening shakubuku, about 18 months after we met. I googled it and knew instantly that I’d found my twin flame. However, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my newfound knowledge with him. I didn’t want this connection; come hell or high water, I was determined to stay in my ‘safe’ life with my husband of almost two decades.

However…I couldn’t stop wondering about this connection, and this new term that my intuition kept bringing to my notice: TWIN FLAME. I saw all the angel numbers and synchros and had cascading moments of déjà vu…all the hallmarks you see in the lists. But I didn’t believe my reality.

There was learning in store for me. I went to therapy, studied, and worked on myself, trying to understand who I really was, and why I knew I was meant to find this missing copy of me. I did this work for more than a year, continuing my passionate affair with my twin flame and improving myself every way I could. Then his wife came the closest she ever had to catching us. I got away by hiding in his backyard till he could let me out the side gate.

Something in us changed. We felt how close we were to losing each other. We were tired of running, chasing, cheating, lying, and missing each other every time we parted from our trysts. I found it increasingly difficult to contain the subject of twin flames when I was around him; I desperately wanted to tell him what I found out and what I KNEW we were…but I felt it would scare him away. I wasn’t sure if he’d think I was insane. I also didn’t want to change my life yet. So I still kept it hidden inside.

An unexpected catalyst

As if we manifested the reality required to push us toward union, his wife found out about our affair, and now she knew my identity. She insisted we separate, but we couldn’t. We simply found some other avenue back to each other; new secret cell phones, new emails, waiting in parking lots where we knew the other would be headed. Meanwhile, she followed me on social media where I freely talked about twin flames and often posted open thoughts to my twin or to her, because I felt her pain and did not like her suffering.

I still didn’t tell Justin about twin flames, in spite of all this. But his wife started reading about the subject, and confronted him. She asked him if he knew what a twin flame was? He didn’t. She asked if he knew that I thought we were twin flames? He didn’t. As soon as they had this conversation, he texted me:

Justin and me on a short desert road trip last week!

“What is a twin flame?”

And I knew the moment had arrived. I spent nearly eight hours texting him while he was at work, writing down what I’d learned — both from studying others’ experiences and then in my own channeling, meditating, and awakening — about twin flames. I told him all of my thoughts, but I never once said, “We are twin flames,” or even, “I think we might be twin flames.” That wasn’t my job.

My only job was to share what I’d learned and let him draw his own conclusions. Because, if I told him what his reality was, it didn’t seem fair. What if he didn’t feel this connection the way I did? What if he saw something different when he looked at me? I wouldn’t have wanted that pressure applied to me, so I could not apply it to him. Because, really, applying pressure to him was the same as applying pressure to myself. I felt it and I hated it.

How our Twin Flame Talk turned out

His response, after all that I said, was: “Well, it sure helps to know all of this now! It explains an awful lot.” Then I knew I could tell him more, so I went even deeper. And the more I told him that day, the more I believed it myself and he felt the knowing in that moment, too. We saw everything at the same moment, crystal clear.

And that was it. We were on our journey. Three months later, I told my husband everything. Three months after that, Justin did the same with his wife. And we have been in union ever since.

How do you break the news of the twin flame bond to your own TF? If you have to travel the TF journey together, you need to both start being transparent to each other at some point, right?

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