Did you shield today?

Greetings to my fellow travelers!

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I woke this morning and felt the impending tidal wave of political energy that will be unleashed today in the United States. I felt it carrying over to this whole week, as the election cycle reaches its end. Before I rose from bed, I paused to shield myself. As an empath, I take self-protection very seriously. If I fail to shield before I go into public, before I consume news media, or before an event taking place outside of my small 3-D sphere (like this election), I feel the emotional discharge of all who are affected. Perhaps this is something you feel, too? If so, or if not, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Michelle & Justin in a bubble.
Justin & Michelle at the Desert Botanical Gardens luminaria display in Phoenix, AZ.

In addition to placing my own personal shield, I imagined an iridescent platinum bubble of love surrounding my Capital, my great nation, and the world. Though my meditations and actions alone may not turn aside the gathering tsunami, I believe they will ease some small modicum of fear and suffering for someone. You are welcome to join me in a similar ritual if you like. All you want to do is see your own personal version of what I describe; the bubble of love should look like your love, as I designed mine to look like my love. A few seconds of your love may change someone’s path forever for the better.

May we find peace and harmony after the end of these turbulent times.

Twin Flame Warriors, saddle up!

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