What is a Twin Flame Soul Mission?

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My twin flame, Justin, and I are in Union. We’ve often been asked, what’s the point of the twin flame journey? And, what is a twin flame soul mission, anyway?

“It feels like we’re supposed to do something more with what we’ve discovered together! What is our future plan?” That’s the big question most twin flames confront, once they figure out a) that they are in a twin flame pair, b) they have found their soul’s twin, and c) that they are headed for Union! Justin and I certainly asked ourselves this.

Seen in the background of a Fear the Walking Dead episode: perhaps some answers to the question, "What is a Twin Flame Soul Mission?"
Seen in the background of a Fear the Walking Dead episode: perhaps some answers to the question, “What is a Twin Flame Soul Mission?”

Why did Justin and I choose this journey, if not for some end other than being together or becoming a “better person” in the process?

After finding each other, awakening to our spiritual selves, and choosing to move forward on this path together, we came into Union. We are in Union and working every day on our Twin Flame Soul Mission. It is THE thing we are doing now, and will be doing forever, and have been doing forever. It’s the driving force behind our Union.

At the very heart of it, our Twin Flame Soul Mission is to love. To love EVERYONE, no matter where they are at on their journey and no matter where they’ve been or are going. The more we love others, the more we are able to love ourselves, and the more we clear their way to love themselves. This sounds like a bunch of hippie-dippy mumbo-jumbo to some, I am aware, so I will give 3-D examples to the extent I can!

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REWIND to pre-Union times…

We were lying in bed one day talking after an amazing twin flame time. A compulsion came over me. I said to him, without feeling like it was me moving my mouth, “I had this vision when I was a child. I used to see myself, like I was standing behind my own back, and I could see out into an arena over my own shoulder. There were a hundred thousand people there, cheering for me and waiting for me to talk. I was in a bright spotlight. Always in that vision, there was someone else standing behind me over my right shoulder. We were telling a story to the world, to the whole world! And they loved it.”

Justin looked at me in the most incredulous way. Chills came over me and, even as deep in 3-D life and trauma as I was, I knew something unearthly was happening. He said, “I can’t believe you just said that to me. I have had that EXACT SAME VISION since childhood! I forgot it for years! But I was standing behind someone, and she looked like you! We were together, and it was YOU! I know it was YOU! How did that happen?”

I said, “I don’t know. I don’t understand. I forgot that vision until just this moment and I had to tell you about it.” We didn’t talk about it again for probably 18 months.

FORWARD to our time of truth-telling…part I

Between the moment of our joint recollection of the vision and when we told our spouses about our affair, we both looked hard at what we doing. What choices we were making. What we really wanted to get out of lives that were speeding by as we reached middle age. We didn’t share a lot of this with each other at the time, but we have since confirmed it was going on in the background as our affair continued and consumed us more.

In all of that self-searching behavior, neither of us was trying to find a way to be together. We were trying to find a way to be with ourselves that didn’t hurt because of lies and disappointment. What we found in ourselves, we didn’t like. We had to work on loving ourselves, warts and all. How did we do that?

We told each other the truth, first. We admitted to all the lies we had told each other in a relationship based on lies. We began to share raw truth about ourselves. We told our biggest, dirtiest secrets to each other. And through it all…we kept coming back to each other and falling more in love, because the more truth we told to each other, the clearer it became that we were exactly alike in so many ways. We found love for ourselves through hearing the worst of each other, accepting it, and still loving each other.

FORWARD to our time of truth-telling…part II

I soon came to the realization that we were meant to write a book about our journey together. Justin was present with me (as was his wife at the time) when I heard this mandate of our soul and I popped right out with it. The three of us were silent for a moment as the idea crystallized in 3-D. The truth among our family and friends spread relatively fast after that; Justin and I were done holding back and being partway-in-partway-out of our love.

As our truth unfolded for our inner circles, we discovered something. The more truth we told our families and friends about our old unhappiness and our new choice to be together, and the more we made our future plans, the more the vision was coming back. We could see more of it. We started talking about it again. We realized, it wasn’t just a book we were writing. Our truth shared with our families and friends was clearing all the darkness and lies that had obscured our love for each other.

IDENTIFYING and ACCEPTING our Twin Flame Soul Mission

In hindsight, I can see we were already feeling the pull of our Twin Flame Soul Mission and it was teaching us how to work with the vision encoded in our soul. It taught us this: the more truth we told, the more light we shined on our love. The more light that shined on our love, the stronger the bond became between us. The stronger the bond, the more of the vision was revealed and the more driven we were to achieve it.

Plans for more than the book began to come to us when we talked; we could see movies and speaking engagements. And we realized…d’oh! That’s the VISION! We are going to LIVE our shared vision. We are going to HELP people and HEAL THEM. It was only through love that this vision could come to fruition.

SHINING the light of love…

It became clear through this process, we were choosing love over everything else. Most people we could think of would not be willing to choose love over the careers, marriages, and families they had built. They were too invested, too guilty, too disempowered. It amazed us that we had broken these tethers, and we agreed we almost couldn’t believe we were really doing this. It felt SO GOOD to tell the truth that nothing could have stopped the avalanche once it began to slide. Our Twin Flame Soul Mission took the wheel.

SPREADING our love everywhere!

It was only through becoming better people and living our lives in light and truth that we were able to get started on our Twin Flame Soul Mission. We had to choose love over everything else in order to become Warriors of the process and arrive in the 3-D place where others would benefit from our 5+D knowledge and wisdom and the sharing of our love story. That is our Twin Flame Soul Mission.


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PPS – This blog article was inspired by a forum question I answered recently:

What exactly is the “twin flame soul mission”? Everyone just keeps talking about working on ourselves during separation, but is the mission just to be a better self or has a higher divine purpose for the betterment of world or something?

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