Luna πŸŒ™ & Venus this morning

I stepped outside a few moments ago to dump old coffee grounds and was greeted with this lovely sight in the sky:

6:48 am PDT on 10/14/2020
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

After I called Justin outside to share in the beauty, an owl hooted in the background. I hooted back at our visitor and we exchanged greetings several times as I tried to capture the beauty of the early morning sky in a photo.

Owls are magical creatures under any circumstances, but when I encounter one it feels like a mystical visit from one of my oldest friends. This was a chatty owl and I loved our conversation! I’m attuned and watching for signs throughout my day to help me interpret my friend’s message, which is that gentle change is portended and a new day always dawns. This is particularly poignant for me after undergoing a huge emotional shift since Saturday, relating to my trust of the Divine Masculine.

What signs are you watching for today?

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