Talk Show #1: Meet the Twin Flame Warriors

We are so excited to have finally produced the first episode of our talk show for YouTube! In addition to introducing us to the world on video, it answers the question, what is Twin Flame Warriors? Check it out:

Questions answered in S1E1 of the Twin Flame Talk Show:

✅ What is Twin Flame Warriors?

✅ What is the Great Awakening?

✅ Why are Twin Flames here on Earth and waking up to their missions in such vast numbers?

✅ How can WE, as Spiritual Warriors, help you?

Prefer a podcast? No sweat! Here you go:

Hear the audio version of Episode 1 of the Twin Flame Talk Show, which answers the question, “What is Twin Flame Warriors?”

New episodes coming soon. Like the video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, also conveniently known as Twin Flame Warriors for notifications. Or, subscribe to our podcast!

Michelle & Justin

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