Today is the autumnal equinox. It’s a day balanced on a razor’s edge, tipping from summer expansion to fall bounty.

This fall, in particular, it feels like there’s much out of balance in the world, but…

…imbalance is important. Imbalance moves us from where we sit, perhaps grown too resistant to the change or self-realization we require to return to who we meant to be when we arrived here, on this journey, in this timeline. It motivates us to find and embrace the inherent balance at the center of our hearts and souls and bodies.

Today I enjoyed the trees, turning bit-by-bit on the equinox. Only one here and there has one truly shifted to its fall raiment. Others are showing signs, preparing for the big change that is coming the way it always does in cycles and returns. I felt the inexorable tilting of the planet, paused in this moment of balance between dark and light, and embraced it.

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