What is a Soul Song?

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A soul song is the outwardly recognizable signature of the soul, much like a set of fingerprints are to the human body.

The same way each set of fingerprints features a unique combination of loops, whorls, and arches, each soul song features a unique combination of ‘notes’. Soul song notes are energetic vibrations that, instead of telling the listener’s ears a musical story, tell the story of where the soul has been, what it is looking for, and where it is going in this timeline.

Soul songs are recognizable in many forms. Some may be seen as an aura, heard like the distant tinkling of windchimes, felt like a gentle breeze, or even smelled like a familiar perfume. Some may be recognized by pure intuition, such as when you meet a new person and know immediately that they’re destined to be your friend. The reverse is true, too. Soul songs may reveal people or situations we wish to avoid through negative associations.

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