Welcome to Twin Flame Warriors! …now what?


We are Twin Flame Warriors, but we’re not exclusively a twin flame resource. Our mission is to assist in the spiritual healing and awakening of all seekers, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their past holds.

You can read the story of how we met and discovered that we are Twin Flames in our novella series, Souls on Fire: Memoirs of a Twin Flame True Love Journey. The series might be for you if you ever…

  • Wondered whether you found your soulmate.
  • Heard the term twin flame and yearned to know more.
  • Struggled with…
    • unhappiness in relationships.
    • drug- or therapy-resistant depression.
    • drug- or therapy-resistant anxiety.
    • addictive behaviors.
    • midlife crisis.
    • existential crisis.
    • religious crisis.
    • a Dark Night of the Soul.
    • having to compromise on your life’s path just to ‘make it through’.
    • outside judgment when you shared your questions, doubts, worries, and fears.
    • unexpected spiritual awakening.

What you’ll find on our site…

Early publication notices for new installments in our novella series.

Links to social media and appearances or replays of appearances. Sign up for our newsletter, too!

Stories and journaling that go beyond our novellas’ narrative. 

We love to tell stories! We love to hear others’ stories! We love to look for the patterns, similarities, differences, lessons, and opportunities that are present in all the stories we participate in or witness. 

We invite you to share your stories with us by interacting on our blog or reaching out for our direct assistance.

Commitment to vulnerability. 

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? But when we protect ourselves and fear the notice of others, we limit our opportunities to discover love in new places.

Living in openness and vulnerability has been, and continues to be, one of our greatest teachers as a reunified Twin Flame dyad. We bring the commitment we made to each other to this site and we share it with you…

We speak our truth. We do not judge. We believe and live in vulnerability. We invite you to do the same.

Our Commitment to Vulnerability


We are advocates of common sense. We believe that facts are objective, independently verifiable, and generally agreed upon by all who encounter them. Think ‘the sky is blue’ or ‘1+1=2’. This site is not about fact-finding or -checking. It is about sharing stories of the truth, however that looks for the sharer.

We respect all truths. Everyone lives a different truth, sees a different truth in every situation, identifies with a different truth about themselves and the world. We do not judge the truth; we accept it as it comes from wherever the sharer is at.

What you won’t find on our site…

Definitions and rote answers.

There are dozens of websites that teach generally accepted definitions of spiritual and twin flame terms. The best in our opinion are Reddit and Quora. A simple search on either site turns up a wealth of information.

We encourage all seekers to educate themselves using these resources! A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into them, and we will not recreate the wheel they’ve invested so much in.

Entrenched beliefs or resistance to new experiences.

Curiosity, willingness to engage in new experiences, and bravery in the face of outmoded beliefs helped us find our way to our spiritual path. We promise to hold space for all seekers to do the same.

Proselytizing or persuasion.

We share our stories for those who are curious, willing to hear us, and eager to share their stories, too. We are not here to convince or bully anyone into agreement with us. We do not tolerate this behavior and reserve the right to delete content that crosses this line.

We look forward to building from this starting point in September 2020! Please come back often and let us know whatever truth is on your mind.


Justin & Michelle

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