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Twin Flame Warriors

We are Justin and Michelle, Twin Flames in Union. We are healers, authors, empaths, stargazers, helpers, guides, friends.

We accept the divine mission we set for ourselves in this timeline. That mission is to assist other spiritual seekers on their awakening journeys and help them find their true path.

Whether you're in a twin flame connection or not, we look forward to getting to know you as you find your way!

One way to get involved: join us Wednesdays at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time for our Warriors Weekly Support Group! We meet via Zoom video conference -- all are welcome.


We're learning new things on our journey, in its many paths & byways, every single day. We invite you to follow along and find out how our lessons might help you on your journey.

We like to talk about our view of and vision for the world, spiritual matters, living your best life as a spiritual being having a physical experience, paranormal matters, and more!


We're co-authors of the independently self-published Souls on Fire novella series. The series is a powerful memoir-style retelling of our path to finding each other, finding ourselves, choosing love, and healing to wholeness.

We also offer editing services by contract, and we help other self-published indie authors get started down the path to success with mentoring. Got questions about editing/publishing with the Twin Flame Warriors? Email us at michelle@ twinflamewarriors.com or message us now:

Healing Services

Feeling lost looking for the hidden meaning in life?

Wondering what all this talk is of spiritual awakening?

Curious about soulmates and Twin Flames?

Let us help with our uniquely balanced perspective! Our healing services can help you heal past trauma, process your awakening quicker and less painfully, and move forward on your path -- with or without your twin flame.

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The Tale of Justin's Too-Big Heart

“You know how you hear a news story every so often about a healthy athlete who collapses on the field and dies with no warning?” I tried to explain through a tight throat. “That’s what Justin has. It’s caused by a thickening of the heart muscle.”  

"It's, like, the one time having a big heart is a bad thing!" Isi quipped. I laughed at the irony lost on me until she spoke these words.


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